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Making informed decisions regarding estate valuation in Georgia

After a loved one’s death, a person may face various legal challenges in any number of appointed positions regarding the decedent’s estate. For instance, it may be necessary for an executor of a will to obtain an estate valuation for tax and distribution purposes. The laws and guidelines that govern such matters vary by state; therefore, someone acting in this capacity in Georgia will want to seek clarification so as to make informed decisions in the process.

At Teiger Law Center, P.C., we are prepared to assist you in all facets of probate and estate administration. There are many more aspects to our practice than simply helping someone who is acting on behalf of a decedent. We devote a significant amount of our efforts to helping people document their own final intentions regarding inheritance or property assets.

We understand the intimate nature of estate matters. Our lead attorney has more than 30 years of experience providing compassionate and personalized service to clients throughout the state. Whether your needs concern a simple issue or something more complex, we are prepared to offer sound legal counsel and effective representation in an economically feasible fashion.

If you have questions regarding the drafting of a will, estate valuation or other probate issues, you may contact our Georgia office to request a consultation. We will use the knowledge and skill we have gained from past successes to address your immediate and long-term legal goals in a courteous and professional manner. Whether you are acting to provide for your loved ones’ futures or have been appointed to act on behalf of another, we can guide you through the process toward a satisfactory outcome.