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Seeking guidance re estate administration duties

The final management and settlement of an estate is typically carried out under court supervision by a duly appointed person or persons. It is not uncommon for legal challenges to arise with regard to any number of issues, including payment of a decedent’s debts, property or business assets and other inheritance concerns. It is not unusual for a person appointed in estate administration to have no previous experience handling such matters; therefore, it makes good sense to seek guidance from an experienced probate and estate administration attorney for help in executing one’s duties properly.

The Teiger Law Center, P.C., is prepared to assist you in all facets of estate administration. Our experienced attorneys will make every effort to help you manage and close an estate in a timely manner. We have full understanding of Georgia probate law and can clarify any rules or procedures that may cause you concern.

Our lead attorney has more than 30 years of experience guiding clients through each stage of the estate administration process. This experience aids him in promptly addressing any complication or obstacle that arises. He also understands what is needed to help avoid disputes or misunderstandings between heirs.

If you have questions regarding the inherent duties of a court appointed executor or fiduciary in the estate administration process, you may contact Teiger Law Center, P.C., to arrange a meeting. Through diligent and courteous service, we are committed to helping you achieve positive results with the least amount of stress possible. We remain committed to clients in the Atlanta metro and North Georgia regions.