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Resolving family squabbles through probate litigation

| Apr 18, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

Some families in Georgia may find it difficult to resolve disputes regarding contested wills of deceased loved ones. When a portion or all aspects of a Last Will and Testament are contested, what follows is often an emotionally-charged battle between two or more persons. In many situations, those involved turn to the court through probate litigation, seeking resolutions to problems they have been unable to solve on their own.

Many people try to resolve their legal challenges associated with the settlement of a loved one’s estate through mediation. This may prove fruitful, especially in situations where disputes are not centered on money. A neutral party is often able to help opposing parties achieve amicable and agreeable settlements outside a courtroom.

In situations where a trial seems the only means of resolution, attorneys often have their work cut out for them because of the highly intense emotions that tend to fuel such disputes. Typically, much is at stake because those involved are people who will continue to have ongoing relationships with one another in the future. Retaining the guidance of an attorney experienced in probate and estate administration is often crucial toward obtaining a positive outcome.

Though probate litigation is often used as a last resort when seeking resolutions to estate administration disagreements, a logical step to take to protect one’s interests is to discuss the issue with a seasoned attorney before the matter gets out of hand.  One of the first things an attorney might do is help a client make informed decisions by clarifying the legal terms contained within a will and state laws that govern such matters in court. Consultation with a Georgia attorney may help expedite the process of achieving an agreeable solution.

Source: ashland.wickedlocal.com, “Trying to settle feuds“, Patricia L. Davidson, April 11, 2016

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