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Where to go for legal help with estate administration litigation

Acting as a special administrator to a person’s estate includes many various obligations and responsibilities. It is possible that someone acting in such a capacity on behalf of a deceased estate owner in Georgia will encounter legal challenges that may need to be addressed in court. It is important to know where to go for legal help to resolve estate administration issues in an expeditious and economically feasible a manner as possible.

A person who was named as a special administrator of a man’s estate recently filed a legal claim on the decedent’s behalf against a nursing home and other entities. The legal claim states that the man’s death was caused by substandard medical care in the facility. Exercising administrative privileges, the representative is seeking compensation for damages on behalf of the estate.

Such situations can be legally complicated and difficult to resolve without experienced guidance. A probate and estate administration attorney would typically be able to answer questions and address concerns regarding such matters. With a clear understanding of state and federal law, an attorney could help develop a plan to obtain resolution to the problem.

Though it may not be common for a malpractice suit to arise within the scope of estate administration, it is possible that some Georgia residents may encounter similar situations. A successfully litigated case could provide court-awarded monies that can help pay expenses the decedent may have incurred due to the injury or illness caused by nursing negligence. The person duly qualified and legally appointed to administer the estate would be able to use that compensation to pay off those debts.

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