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Former Sumner Redstone companion enters probate litigation

Georgia estate owners and their families may find themselves facing legal challenges even before a benefactor’s time of death occurs. In a current ongoing situation, a woman has entered probate litigation regarding her former position as health-care agent to tycoon, Sumner Redstone. She filed the lawsuit after she was thrown out of the media baron’s home.

Apparently, a motion was filed to dismiss her case, but a Superior Court judge in the state where the motion was filed denied it. It has reportedly been established that Redstone’s mental capacity is impaired. The judge has noted, however, that the question remains as to the level of impairment.

The woman, ex-companion of 92-year-old Redstone, has told the court that he is quite unduly influenced by those closest to him; she has requested that she be reinstated as his primary health-care agent. It was also noted that Redstone recently resigned as chairman of both Viacom and CBS, companies owned by Redstone’s National Amusements. Some have claimed that his former companion is trying to invade his privacy in order to seek personal financial gain from the situation.

Testimonies from various medical experts are being considered in order for the court to determine whether Redstone’s mental impairment is mild or more severe. The judge has stated that the court’s current primary task is to decide which physician most accurately describes the media mogul’s mental condition. Such matters of probate litigation can be complicated and stressful for all involved. Georgia residents in similar circumstances may want to act alongside the guidance of an experienced probate and estate administration attorney to protect their rights and see that their best interests are served in court.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com, “Judge Rules Against Dismissing Sumner Redstone Health Lawsuit“, Eriq Gardner, Ashley Cullins, Feb. 29, 2016