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Car, truck accident leads to death in Georgia

In many cases, a fatal accident can occur in a matter of minutes, especially if a driver is not fully paying attention. If a vehicle is stopped due to traffic or as it is trying to make a turn, there is a chance that it could be hit from behind. Unfortunately, such an accident could involve other vehicles and turn into a fatal truck accident. 

Such a situation recently took place in Georgia. It was reported that the driver of a car had stopped his vehicle as he waited to make a left turn. While he was stopped, his vehicle was hit from behind by a pickup truck. The crash caused the car to spin and hit a semi-truck that was hauling logs. 

The driver of the car was severely injured and transported from the scene. Unfortunately, he later succumbed to those injuries and was declared dead at an area hospital. It was not reported whether any of the other drivers involved were injured or whether any charges may be filed as a result of the situation. However, authorities will likely continue to investigate, and additional information may surface as they draw their conclusions. 

Any fatal truck accident is an unfortunate event, and the family of this Georgia victim is likely feeling immense distress over the outcomes of this recent crash. If they feel it could be right for them, they may want to consider their legal options. Filing a wrongful death claim against the driver considered responsible for the collision could allow them to seek compensation for funeral expenses and other damages resulting from the harrowing event.

Source: wjcl.com, “Long County man dies after car struck by pick-up truck, tractor trailer“, July 28, 2015