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Wrongful death claim may result after Georgia driver charged

Too often pedestrian accidents result in fatalities. Pedestrians have little protection from vehicles and can do little to protect themselves if a vehicle is about to hit them. Sadly, family members of pedestrians killed in such accidents are often left with grief, financial difficulties and other damages. However, they may be able to seek compensation for those damages by filing a wrongful death claim. 

It was recently reported that a driver involved in a fatal pedestrian accident in Georgia has been charged. The incident took place last year when a vehicle was traveling south on a roadway while a pedestrian was walking south on the shoulder of that roadway. The driver failed to remain in the lane, and as a result, struck the pedestrian. The driver then stopped the vehicle after the accident.

The pedestrian suffered fatal injuries in the incident. The driver reportedly told police that the individual was not in the roadway when she struck him. As a result of the situation, the driver is facing charges of vehicular homicide, failure to maintain the proper lane and another allegation. The driver is currently being held in jail without bond. 

Because the driver involved in this fatal accident is facing criminal charges, the family of the victim may be interested in whether convictions for those charges may result. If the driver is convicted of the charges, the family members may be able to use that outcome as evidence if they wish to pursue a wrongful death claim against that driver. A wrongful death claim could help them seek compensation for end-of-life expenses and other damages permitted under Georgia law.

Source: Cartersville, GA Patch, “Driver Charged In Fatal Pedestrian Accident“, Kristal Dixon, July 21, 2015