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Truck driver fatigue may have played role in Georgia accident

Many individuals know that truck drivers must travel long distances in performing their work duties. As a result, many of these drivers may work various hours and have differing sleep schedules. However, it is important that these drivers do not driver longer than their allotted time and that they do not drive while they are sleepy. Truck driver fatigue could result in driver inattention and lead to a serious accident.

A recent accident in Georgia caused multiple deaths. It took place on a stretch of interstate that was congested due to construction work. Reports stated that a tractor trailer collided with two vehicles that had been stopped due to the construction. One of the vehicles was pushed into the median, and another vehicle was crushed between the tractor trailer and a second big rig.

Sadly, the situation lead to to five deaths. Three individuals in first vehicle — ages 39, 16 and 19 — suffered fatal injuries, and two individuals in the second vehicle — ages 71 and 72 — were also killed. The truck driver believed to have been at fault did not appear to have suffered serious injuries. At this time, authorities are investigating to determine whether the truck driver may have fallen asleep. Charges will not be filed until the conclusion of the investigation.

Truck driver fatigue can be extremely dangerous, and Georgia authorities may wish to examine the driver’s records in determining whether he complied with applicable laws. In any case, it appears likely the the truck driver may face criminal charges relating to the fatal accident. If the families of the deceased victims wish to do so, they may consider filing wrongful death claims against the driver and the driver’s employer in order to seek recompense for monetary damages sustained.

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