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Drunk driver suspected in causing Georgia auto accident

| Jun 9, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Being injured in a car accident is an experience that people generally want to avoid. Unfortunately, there are often circumstances beyond individual control that could lead to a serious incident. If a driver is operating a vehicle under the influence, it is possible that that party could cause an auto accident, and unsuspecting individuals could suffer injures as a consequence.

A recent accident in Georgia took place after a vehicle collided with a church bus. It was reported that the bus was carrying 18 people when a car reportedly veered toward the bus and collided with it head on. One individual on the bus stated that she noticed the other vehicle weaving before the collision took place. 

The accident resulted in 15 of the 18 individuals on the bus suffering injuries. Thirteen of those individuals were transported to an area hospital, and the remaining two victims were taken to a separate facility. The driver of the other vehicle was taken from the scene by helicopter. At this time, authorities apparently believe that the driver of the other vehicle was under the influence when the accident took place. 

Details on the severity of the injuries suffered in the Georgia auto accident were not disclosed in the report. Nonetheless, seriously injured individuals may wish to assess their situations and determine whether seeking compensation is a step they may wish to take. Personal injury claims may allow them to take the necessary legal action to pursue restitution from the driver considered at fault for the accident. Additionally, if the driver faces criminal charges, the outcome of the criminal proceedings could potentially be used as evidence in a related civil case. 

Source: wsbtv.com, “Police: Drunk driver hits church bus, injures 15“, May 29, 2015

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