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Georgia dog bites could lead to premises liability claims

Having a dog can be a joy to many individuals. However, if a person is bitten by another individual’s dog, joy is likely the farthest emotion from the victim’s mind. In some situations, dog bites can be quite serious and lead to a person needing medical attention. If a person was seriously injured by a dog while on the owner’s property, the victim may have reason to file a premises liability claim against the owner.

It was recently reported that Georgia remains in the top 10 states for areas with the highest number of dog-related injuries. According to the insurance company, State Farm, there were over 100 incidents of dog bites in the state last year. As a result, the company was required to pay almost $4 million due to injured-related claims filed against their clients.

It was also reported that there were approximately 3,500 claims fulfilled nationwide by the insurance company. California was the top state with the most dog-related injuries reported, and Georgia had the ninth highest number. It was also noted in the report that injuries to children made up over half of the dog-related injuries reported.

Dogs of all breeds have the potential to harm people if they are not properly trained and taken care of by their owners. If a Georgia resident has been seriously injured by another individual’s dog, that victim may wish to seek compensation for his or her injuries. Filing a premises liability claim could potentially allow an injured party to pursue reparations for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other permissible damages.

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