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Car accident claims lives of multiple Georgia college students

Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles have tendencies to produce tragic results. More individuals could be potentially be harmed when there are several vehicles damaged in a crash. The circumstances under which a chain-reaction wreck occurs are crucial to understand, especially if there are fatalities. A serious car accident could be cause for certain individuals to pursue legal action, and the details of the situation are important.

A recent accident in Georgia resulted in the deaths of five college students and injuries to others. It was reported that a tractor-trailer failed to accommodate for slowing traffic, and as a result, crashed into a line of vehicles. The crash involved seven vehicles, three of which were tractor trailers. The college students were apparently in multiple vehicles though they were all traveling to the same location.

The crash caused five female nursing students to suffer fatal injuries. Three other individuals, two of which were also nursing students, were injured in the accident. The driver of the tractor trailer had not been charged at the time of the report, but the investigation should continue and charges could potentially come about at a later time.

Losing multiple individuals in a car accident is a devastating situation. The families of those victims will likely face incomprehensible struggles as they work to come to terms with the situation. If they wish, they may consider filing wrongful death claims against the driver considered at fault in the crash. Such claims could potentially help them seek compensation for funeral expenses and other damages allowable under Georgia law.

Source: CNN, “Georgia university mourns loss of 5 nursing students“, Steve Almasy and Ralph Ellis, April 23, 2015