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Possible wrongful death after faulty truck part leads to fatality

Consumer goods, including motor vehicles, malfunction and/or break down from time to time. Many drivers don’t actually consider the fact that a mechanical problem with a vehicle could result in a wrongful death. A faulty vehicle manufactured by Chrysler Group (now known as FCA US) has been blamed for causing a child’s death and is subject to a recall throughout the country, including here in Georgia.

The fatal accident involving a child and a Dodge pickup truck. According to the report, a child was seated in an older model pickup. At some point, the child was able to access the ignition switch and turn it. The truck, which was parked and reportedly still in gear, then jumped forward. Another child was struck by the vehicle and killed. 

Though clutch of the vehicle was not depressed by the child, the vehicle lurched forward when the ignition was turned on. FCA US engineers determined that specified 2006 and 2007 models may contain a different type of switch which could fail. The company recalled certain Dodge Dakota, Dodge Ram and Mitsubishi Raider pickup for the possibly faulty mechanism.

More than 54,500 of these trucks are believed to be located throughout the United States. Georgia owners of one of these vehicles ought to address the issue immediately and may benefit from contacting a dealership for further information. The family who lost the child in this terrible tragedy may opt to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer and/or others in the consumer supply chain, especially in light of the recent recall. While their loss cannot be reversed, a successfully handled civil claim may result in the entry of a monetary judgment to address the financial losses and other damages sustained.

Source: statesmanjournal.com, “Dodge pickups recalled after crash kills child“, Chris Woodyard, Dec. 30, 2014