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Semi truck accident in Georgia kills driver of passenger car

Traveling along a Georgia Interstate can be a bit treacherous due to the frequently heavy traffic. The increased presence of tractor-trailers may only add to the stress of navigating the roadways. One man was killed recently when his car was struck in a semi truck accident.

The Georgia State Patrol responded to a call concerning a passenger car that was sitting along the side of Interstate 75. However, before the officers could arrive at the location of the vehicle, it was apparently hit by a tractor-trailer. The driver of that car, a 30-year-old Georgia resident, was killed in the collision.

The driver of the car had apparently been involved in an earlier incident when he is said to have rear-ended a tractor trailer. The driver of the rig was uninjured in that collision. It is unknown if the driver of the car suffered any injury in that accident. It is also unclear if his vehicle had been disabled and that is the reason it was sitting along the shoulder of the highway.

The responding officers stated that the passenger car was heavily damaged when it was rear-ended by the second truck. The victim’s survivors may choose to determine whether there is enough evidence of driver negligence on the part of the second trucker to support the filing of a wrongful death civil lawsuit. The family of the man who was killed in this tragic semi truck accident have likely sustained considerable monetary losses — both from the end-of-life expenses as well as possible lost income of the deceased — and a successful civil suit against the trucker and the trucker’s employer may ease the financial burden caused by this tragedy.

Source: wctv.tv, “Hahira Man Killed in I-75 Crash”, Winnie Wright, Dec. 8, 2014