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Georgia truck accident kills 1, injures 3 others

Those who operate 18-wheelers are charged with a weighty responsibility. Not only do these truckers have loads that must be delivered at a set time, they are also expected to navigate the highways without being the cause of a truck accident. Unfortunately, a recent Georgia accident sent three fellow travelers to a local hospital.

The Georgia State Patrol responded to a report of an accident involving a semi truck and a passenger vehicle. According to the account, the 36-year-old trucker apparently failed to successfully negotiate a bend along a portion of a local highway. The man’s semi left the travel surface and veered off the shoulder.

As the driver attempted to bring his rig back under control, his oversteering apparently caused his truck to flip over onto its left side and slide into the opposing traffic lane. It then collided with an oncoming passenger vehicle. That car was then shoved up onto a roadside embankment. The driver of the truck was killed in the wreck. The three occupants of the car were all injured, though none of the injures were described as life-threatening.

Georgia officials will not be filing any charges because the driver believed to have caused this truck accident was killed. However, the injuries that the three victims suffered may require considerable time to fully recover. Additionally, they may sustain further monetary losses beyond the medical expenses, in the form of lost wages and other damages. Even though the driver deemed to have been at fault died, the victims could still pursue civil litigation in an effort to recover their monetary damages. Successfully navigated personal injury lawsuits against the driver’s estate, or any other party that may share in the responsibility — such as his employer — may allow them to focus on their physical recoveries and not on the escalating financial burdens that appear to have resulted through no fault of their own.

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