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Georgia police increase patrol to prevent drunk driving accidents

Holiday celebrations often include parties with good food, friends and adult beverages. Unfortunately, all too often people attempt to drive home after having consumed alcoholic beverages — an act that places them, as well as fellow travelers, in danger. In response to the annual problem, Georgia police announced that they will be increasing their efforts to prevent drunk driving accidents.

Officers have dubbed their plan “Operation Zero Tolerance” in order to convey the message that they will be stepping up patrols throughout the state to ensure that all travelers arrive safely at their destinations. Georgia officials are not attempting to discourage holiday celebrations, just the tragic accidents that often accompany them. Residents are reminded that they do have options to avoid getting behind the wheel after drinking.

A safety official with the governor’s office stated that there were more than 43,000 accidents during the holidays last year throughout Georgia. A total of 18 people were killed in drunk driving accidents in the state last Christmas. Nationwide, 36 percent of accidents during Christmas 2012 involved an impaired driver.

Drivers whose blood alcohol levels are .08 percent or greater are considered to be under the influence. First-time offenders could face fines in excess of $300 and a year in jail. However, in spite of the efforts of the police, there will likely be drunk driving accidents this holiday season with innocent victims suffering serious injuries. Victims of these accidents are ensured of the right to seek compensation from the negligent drivers who caused their injuries by filing personal injury civil suits. If enough evidence exists to support their claims, the victims may be awarded compensation for their accident-related losses. 

Source: wabe.org, “Cops Cracking Down On Drunk Driving With “Zero Tolerance”“, John Lorinc, Dec. 11, 2014