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Georgia car accident claims 1; 2 others suffer serious injury

Insurance carriers consider young drivers to be at a higher risk for collisions, partially due to their inexperience and sometimes impulsive behavior. While not every youthful driver will experience a serious car accident, if one occurs, the results can be devastating. One such Georgia accident has resulted in a fatality and two others hospitalized.

The Henry County police responded to a report of a serious collision at a local intersection. The driver of a small passenger vehicle was traveling along Ga. 81 and approaching a stop sign. According to the report, the 19-year-old male did not come to a stop. He purportedly entered the intersection where his vehicle collided with another slightly larger car traveling eastbound.

The impact killed the driver of the first vehicle. A 19-year-old female passenger in his car suffered serious injury and required transportation by medical helicopter to the nearest trauma center. The 18-year-old driver of the second car was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. The report did not include information regarding the nature or severity of the wounds that either of the surviving victims suffered.

Georgia officials closed the road for several hours in order to complete their investigation of this car accident. It could be some time before the victims are recovered enough to resume their normal routines, which could also result in lost wages if they were to miss significant time off work. They and their families may consider whether to file personal injury lawsuits. If enough evidence exists that could show negligence on the part of the deceased driver, a successful litigation against his estate or other responsible parties could result in a financial award that may possibly alleviate the pressure of any mounting medical expenses and related monetary damages.

Source: henryherald.com, “Butts County man dead in two-car crash, say Henry County police“, Kathy Jefcoats, Dec. 1, 2014