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Man faces host of charges after fatal car crash in Georgia

There is no end to the harm that can result from a driver engaging in risky or dangerous driving practices. Georgia has its own categories of reckless driving offenses, including the charge of laying drag, which is a description for operating a vehicle in a zigzag or circular manner. One man is now accused of not only “laying drag” but also vehicular homicide after a fatal car crash.

According to the police report, the 24-year-old man was operating a vehicle at a high rate of speed while crossing over the dividing line into the lane of oncoming traffic. He then lost control of his truck, which caused it to crash into a utility box and then collide with a tree. His 23-year-old female passenger was killed in the collision.

Georgia officials have now charged the driver with vehicular homicide in the first degree. He is also facing reckless driving, speeding and failure to maintain his lane along with the laying drag offense. Officials are still completing their investigation into this incident.

The man suffered only minor injuries in this fatal car crash. The family of the deceased woman will not only mourn her loss, but they may now have considerable end-of-life expenses to shoulder as well. While the driver is facing criminal charges in connection with their loss, they may consider filing a wrongful death civil case against him. The families of victims file these cases in an attempt to recover their monetary losses and to seek their own sense of justice and closure for the tragic deaths of their loved ones.

Source: Snellville Patch, “Police: Reckless Driving Played Role in Fatal Accident That Killed Passenger“, Scott Bernarde, Nov. 6, 2014