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Man charged in fatal truck accident surrenders to sheriff

Last December, three people died after a multi-vehicle collision in Georgia. Recently, a man who was wanted on outstanding warrants related to the truck accident turned himself in to the local sheriff’s office near the end of September. He is currently out of jail after posting bail and is awaiting further legal proceedings.

According to the authorities, the charged driver failed to reduce his speed to avoid a collision. On that day a portion of Interstate 95 experienced a slow-down in traffic flow due to an earlier accident. The truck driver apparently did not notice the reduction of traffic speed, and his collided with a car ahead of him.

That vehicle was carrying an elderly couple. Their car became trapped underneath the much larger tractor-trailer. Both occupants died in the wreck. A man in another car was also killed in the collision, and the 67-year-old trucker was implicated in all three fatalities. Along with three counts of vehicular homicide, he was charged with failure to exercise due caution and following too closely to avoid an accident.

Georgia police indicated that the driver was preoccupied by an electronic gadget at the time of the deadly truck accident. The family members of the victims who died retain the right to file wrongful death claims against the accused man as well as his employer. The evidence of culpability that the investigators have reportedly found may only add weight to any civil cases that the survivors pursue. A successful wrongful death claim may result in monetary relief that could alleviate many of the outstanding financial losses incurred after this tragic crash.

Source: jacksonville.com, “Man charged in three deaths in December crash has surrendered“, Oct. 31, 2014