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Charges in alleged accident caused by a drunk driver in Georgia

The dangers of drinking and driving are well-known. As a result, responsible drivers make sure that they have a designated driver if they are going to consume alcohol. Regardless of the protections a driver might put in place to preserve his or her safety as well as the safety of others, they will not protect the individual from others who have chosen to drink and drive. Unfortunately, one man lost in life in Georgia as a result of an accident caused by an alleged drunk driver.

The accident happened in May 2014. Police claim that an 18-year-old male was driving a luxury sports utility vehicle on a Georgia road at approximately 3:30 a.m. Reports indicate that the vehicle collided with a second SUV.

A 33-year-old passenger in the second SUV died as a result of the injuries he suffered in the accident. Three other occupants, including the driver and two children, and the driver of the first SUV were also transported to the hospital for treatment. The teenager was recently indicted on several charges stemming from the accident, including driving under the influence and vehicular homicide.

When a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of the car, they are taking the lives of any other person they might encounter, as well as their own, in their hands. While there are the obvious emotional ramifications of the loss of a loved one, many people who have lost a loved one in an accident caused by a drunk driver face a shaky financial future as well. While not necessary, a conviction of the criminal charges could support a claim of negligence if the family decides to pursue justice in a civil court. Many in Georgia who have taken a similar action have been awarded with monetary damages to help secure their financial future.

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