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If you are a victim of a drunk driver, information is vital

| Oct 3, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

The statistics concerning the numbers of car accidents seem to be getting worse. While these are often tragic, many times the causes are due to heavy traffic, weather or even mechanical problems. One type of wreck that is entirely preventable is one caused by a drunk driver. Georgia has more than its share of these terrible wrecks. If you or a loved one has been victimized in this way, getting the right information can make a tremendous difference.

The damage done by a car crash can have a far-reaching and long-term impact on your life. Medical bills, car repair or replacement, missed work and other monetary damages can take a heavy toll on your financial life, especially if you decide to quickly accept an offer made by an insurance company. Additionally, stress caused by monetary worries can have a negative consequence on your physical recovery.

If you add in the fact that the wreck that caused you or a beloved family member to suffer was caused by an intoxicated driver, you need information on the best path forward. While it is likely that the driver may be held criminally responsible, you may be entitled to restitution for the pain and harm that was preventable. In these situations, the knowledge of experienced professionals can help you seek recompense for the harm that was done.

If you agree to the terms presented by a Georgia insurance company on your own, you run the risk of being victimized again. Inadequate compensation could leave you with shortfalls when trying to seek necessary medical care or making up for lost pay. If poor judgment in the form of drunk driving on the part of another individual led to the accident, then that drunk driver is likely financially responsible for whatever happened next. If you or a loved one have suffered due to the actions of an inebriated driver, then please feel free to view our website located here to see if our experience can help put you back in control of your life.


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