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Georgia woman faces multiple charges in fatal auto accident

Georgia State Police have filed multiple charges against a woman after a string of apparent violations culminated in a serious crash. The auto accident killed one woman and left several others injured, including a sheriff’s deputy. The woman was charged with vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.

The chain of events began with a call to the county sheriff’s office regarding a hit-and-run accident. As a deputy was dispatched to the gas station where the accident allegedly occurred, he encountered the woman as she was purportedly headed straight toward his vehicle. After he veered out of her path, the driver apparently drove into curbing and stopped her vehicle.

When the officer attempted to approach the stopped car, the woman allegedly quickly executed a U-turn and headed down the street at a high rate of speed. Other deputies were dispatched to attempt to block the driver’s escape. As she neared a railroad crossing, the deputy stated that she hit the tracks at a fast speed and caused her vehicle became air-borne. Her car than collided with another stopped at a signal light. That vehicle then was pushed into another until a total of four other cars were involved, including several police vehicles.

A 51-year-old woman driving the first struck car died from injuries at the scene. Her passenger was flown for treatment of injuries. Two others were also hurt, including one of the deputies. Georgia police are still investigating this auto accident and arrested the woman, who suffered only minor injuries in the collisions. The victims and surviving family members of the deceased driver may pursue civil litigation in the aftermath of this fatal wreck in an attempt to recoup the monetary damages they have likely all sustained. 

Source: rockdalecitizen.com, “Driver in Rockdale County fatal crash charged with vehicular homicide, DUI“, Aimee Jones, Oct. 13, 2014