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Georgia driver could be found negligent re fatal accident

The death of a family member or friend is a loss like no other. While death in any form is traumatic, the grief that comes with a seemingly senseless fatal accident may only compound the suffering. One Georgia family has recently experienced just such a death.

The accident was purportedly caused by a woman driving a passenger van on a local highway. The authorities say that she failed to stop at a crossroads with another local roadway. She instead proceeded into the intersection, and her vehicle was broadsided by a tractor-trailer. The van was sent into a spin and then struck the rear wheels of the trailer. That collision sent the vehicle off the roadway, where it flipped over down an embankment.

A female passenger was ejected from the vehicle. She died from her injuries at the time of the collision. The van driver was transported by air to the nearest medical facility for treatment. The two occupants of the semi were also taken to local hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries. According to the report, the tractor-trailer also came to rest in the drainage ditch.

Georgia officials have not completed their investigation, and at this time, it is unknown whether the woman will be criminally charged in connection with this fatal accident. Tragically, the passenger’s family mourns the loss of a loved one. They retain the right to seek recompense for the financial damages that typically accumulate following these tragic wrecks. Furthermore, if the gathered evidence further suggests that the driver of the van was responsible for this collision, then the injured parties in the truck may also file personal injury claims against her to seek recovery of their financial losses as well.

Source: valdostatoday.com, “Fatal Accident Near Homerville”, Oct. 23, 2014