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National holidays often lead to drunk driving accidents

The government has set aside certain days that are designated as memorials or tributes to workers, soldiers and historical or other important events. These days are often viewed by citizens as seasonal markers also and are celebrated with friends and family. Unfortunately, some of these holiday remembrances are marred by the tragedy of drunk driving accidents. Many Georgia families have been forever changed by these wrecks.

One Georgia mother has recent spoken out about the losses she endured several years ago over the Labor Day weekday. This woman suffered the unimaginable pain of losing a child, parent and another close relative to an intoxicated driver. Though the terrible accident occurred a decade ago, the pain she felt is still a tangible part of her life. Her family members were traveling to a vacation destination when a missed turn placed them in the path of a drunken driver.

Over the most recent Labor Day holiday, several more Georgia families have suffered similar losses. According to police reports, there were nine fatal accidents in the state. Though details have not be released, there is a likelihood that alcohol may have played a role in several of the crashes.

Families who have suffered the senseless and preventable tragedies caused by drunk driving accidents will live with the pain and loss for the rest of their lives. However, even though nothing will restore what has been physically lost, there remains provisions in the laws that allow these victims to seek monetary recompense for the financial harm that has followed in the aftermath of these wrecks. The successful filing of a personal injury and/or wrongful death civil litigation may allow the victims or the victim’s survivors of these accidents to relieve the burden of medical expenses, lost wages and other monetary damages.

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