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Mother awaits justice for son killed in truck accident last year

In the opinion of many parents of United States soldiers, there is no higher calling. One such mother is no exception when talking of her 26-year-old son, who was a victim of a truck accident last summer in Georgia. She recently offered testimony and met with the state’s attorney in two cases concerning his untimely death.

Georgia officials filed misdemeanor vehicular homicide charges against the man who was driving the truck at the time of the accident. The victim was riding his motorcycle when he was killed in a collision involving the semi. The driver is accused of acting in a negligent manner by choosing to turn into the lot of a truck stop as another 18-wheeler was pulling out, possibly obscuring the approaching motorcycle from view.

The mother also filed a civil suit against the driver who was charged in connection with her son’s death. She is frustrated over the long delay in both cases. The prosecutor’s heavy caseload is said to have prevented the criminal case from proceeding to trial in a more timely manner.

The mother says she only wants justice and closure. The accused man’s defense counsel argues that there is no basis for criminal charges in this fatal truck accident, as the driver allegedly did nothing wrong. At this point, it may be some time before a verdict is reached in either case. While neither case will ease the pain caused by this tragic loss, a successful civil lawsuit may result in monetary compensation that could help ease the financial damages sustained.

Source: walb.com, “Family gives testimony in fatal crash investigation“, Jim Wallace, Sept. 16, 2014