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Georgia truck accident kills motorcyclist

For a motorcycle rider, the roadways are an especially dangerous place. In many cases this is due to the lack of awareness that motorists have when it comes to recognizing and respecting a motorcyclist place on Georgia roads. The worst consequence a rider may face on the roads is to be involved in a fatal accident. Unfortunately, a rider faced this very tragedy after being involved in a recent truck accident.

The fatal collision, involving a truck driver and a motorcyclist, occurred on a Tuesday morning around nine in the morning. The driver was reportedly in the far right-hand southbound lane when he attempted a maneuver that later led to the fatal injuries of the rider. Reportedly, the driver of the 18-wheeler was making a U-turn in the intersection just before the collision.

The rider was said to be driving in the southbound lane when his bike skidded more than 150 feet before colliding with the truck. The motorcyclist was taken to an area hospital in grave condition where he later died. According to the report, the driver of the 18-wheeler will face charges of making an improper U-turn, as well as second degree homicide by vehicle.

The unfortunate part of many Georgia truck accidents is the fact that most are preventable. By avoiding negligent behaviors behind the wheel, riders and other motorists are all afforded the opportunity to arrive safely at their chosen destination. Families like the one in this report may be able to file a wrongful death claim which, if proven, could potentially cover a variety of associated costs, including funeral and medical expenses.

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