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Man faces homicide charges re 2013 Georgia truck accident

| Aug 28, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Those who work in the emergency medical services are faced with many challenges while attending to their patients. When rushing those same patients to hospitals, most probably do not think that they could be victims of a collision. Last year in Georgia, that actually occurred when an ambulance was caught up in a truck accident.

The accident occurred in June, 2013 when two emergency providers were attempting to transport a patient to a regional medical facility. As they were traveling along a local route, a passenger car pulled off to the shoulder to allow them clear passage. A tractor-trailer was traveling behind the smaller car. It is unclear how it happened, but the 18-wheeler than jackknifed, effectively blocking both lanes of the roadway.

The ambulance was unable to stop in time, and it collided with the left-hand side of the trailer. The impact killed both of the emergency workers in the vehicle, along with their patient. The driver of the truck suffered only minor injuries. Georgia officials have recently filed 2nd degree vehicular homicide charges against the truck driver.

The charge against the driver regarding this truck accident is a misdemeanor in Georgia and the man may be sentenced to a year in jail if he is convicted, though that could also be suspended. However, the families left behind in this tragic accident retain the right to file wrongful death lawsuits in a civil court following this wreck. If a civil court were to rule in their favor, then any resulting monetary judgment could address the financial damages sustained as a result of this untimely deaths.

Source: walb.com, “Man charged with homicide in fatal crash“, Christian McKinney, Aug. 20, 2014

Source: walb.com, “Man charged with homicide in fatal crash“, Christian McKinney, Aug. 20, 2014

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