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Alleged drunk driver charged in Georgia for crash last year

Charges have recently been filed against a man in connection with an auto accident that occurred last February in Georgia. Along with a felony vehicular homicide charge, the driver has also been charged with the misdemeanors of driving too fast for conditions and driving under the influence. One reason cited for a lapse in time before the drunk driver accusations and related charges were filed was budgetary constraints.

The accident occurred when the man and his passengers were traveling along a local road in White Oak. The 26-year-old driver lost control of his truck, and the vehicle went into a series of rolls. The truck came to a stop after colliding with some trees. A 23-year-old man was thrown from the truck and died after suffering serious injuries.

The deceased’s girlfriend was also a passenger in the vehicle. The injured woman and her family members were frustrated with the amount of time taken to determine if this was to be charged as an accident caused by a drunk driver. Reportedly, they repeatedly contacted the Georgia State Patrol requesting a completion of the investigation.

The charges, including the drunk driver accusations, will proceed to be heard in criminal court. A conviction, if ultimately achieved, could help if the family of the deceased victim chooses to litigate a wrongful death lawsuit. If the female passenger suffered serious injuries, she may also file a personal injury suit. These civil suits are filed in order to seek financial redress from any party deemed liable for any monetary damages, such as medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. It appears that the passenger has already sought to pursue insurance claims related to the accident, though further details were not provided.

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