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26-year-old Georgia woman suffers serious injuries after wreck

A 26-year-old Georgia woman is hospitalized after the car she was in was hit by another vehicle traveling the wrong way on the highway. The driver of that car has since been charged with several offenses, including suspected drunk driving. The collision left the victim suffering serious injuries after being extricated from the wreckage.

The woman who has been charged is only 18, and police have stated that she allegedly confessed that she had been drinking before getting behind the wheel of her car. The wreck occurred on a recent early Saturday morning after the charged driver had apparently left a party. The collision totaled the victim’s vehicle and also caused another woman in the car to suffer less serious wounds.

The victim who was more critically wounded has already endured several operations, and she is scheduled to have more in the future. She has suffered two broken legs, crushed feet and damage to her internal organs. Doctors had resorted to placing her in a coma in the intensive care ward while she works to recover.

Georgia authorities have taken the accused driver into custody where she has remained. While she may have to face the consequences of drunk driving if convicted, the victim is expected to have a lengthy recuperation from her serious injuries. The family is currently keeping vigil by her hospital bed. She has the right to consider a personal injury lawsuit, based upon evidence of negligence by the other driver. Doing so may allow her to recover monetary damages that have accrued from the extensive medical care she has required and will continue to need for the foreseeable future.

Source: wsbtv.com, “Police: Wrong-way driver arrested after drunken I-575 head-on crash”, , July 24, 2014