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Georgia student suffers amputation after hit-and-run accident

One young student has expressed gratitude that her mental abilities remain intact after she endured a horrific accident. The driver deemed responsible for the hit-and-run collision has not yet been located. As of the time of the report, the victim remained under hospital care.

The 24-year-old, who is a student at Georgia Tech, was attempting to cross a street with her companions when a vehicle operated by an unknown motorist ran her over. Georgia police have estimated that the vehicle was traveling about 70 mph when it hit the victim. The girl was taken for emergency care for treatment of serious injuries.

The accident left the victim with a hip that was broken in four places, as well as a broken leg. The woman remembers that doctors were attempting to save her badly damaged foot. However, they were forced to amputate it and a portion of her leg. The victim will be able to walk in the future, and she will survive this terrible ordeal, though not without a lengthy recovery and likely rehabilitation.

Georgia officials are still searching for the car — which has been described as possibly a gray or black color — and a reward has been offered for information leading to the driver’s arrest. In the meantime, the victim will continue to work to regain her health. Unfortunately, she will never be completely healed due to the loss of a portion of her limb. She retains the legal right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in order to seek recovery of some of the monetary damage she has sustained as a result of this terrible hit-and-run accident. If successful, she may garner the funds necessary to deal with the costs of her medical care and rehabilitation expenses.

Source: wsbtv.com, “Georgia Tech grad loses foot after hit-and-run”, , July 2, 2014