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Summer and teen drivers can lead to more Georgia car accidents

Summertime is the season for enjoying time with friends, holding backyard parties and dealing with teenagers who have drivers’ licenses that are burning a hole in their pockets. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the summer driving season can be the most deadly since this season sees an increase in serious car accidents with teens behind the wheel. Georgia officials are seeking to make the summer season a safer one for younger drivers.

AAA has reported that more than 260 teenage drivers perish in car crashes every month of the summer season. The uptick commences around the Memorial Day weekend and seems to recede around Labor Day, the time when many of the youngest drivers head back to school. The statistics provided indicate that the biggest contributors to the wrecks are exceeding the speed limits and distractions due to cellphones.

Georgia is working in tandem with a neighboring state to increase roadway monitoring in an attempt to combat some of the habits that can increase the odds of an accident. AAA has also implicated the tendency of the more inexperienced drivers to take to the roads at night and to engage in purposeless driving because they have more free time when school is out. All of these factors together can help explain the higher rates of serious accidents and resulting injuries or fatalities that are a consequence of more inexperienced drivers being on the roads.

Georgia is working to enforce the laws when violators are spotted committing infractions such as texting while driving and speeding. AAA has also highlighted the steps that parents should initiate in order to ensure the safety of their teens as well as prevent injuries and the deaths that result from these serious car accidents by putting limits on teen driving activities. However, as long as people own and operate automobiles, there will be accidents. Whenever one suffers a serious or debilitating injury from being involved in an accident through no fault of one’s own, he or she has the right to file a personal injury civil suit against the negligent party who may have been responsible for his or her pain and suffering.

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