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Georgia police claim fatal accident caused by teen drunk driver

Teenagers often seem to be full of life and with a quest for adventure. When a tendency to believe that they are indestructible is added to alcohol and vehicles, then the mix can potentially result in a tragedy. Georgia police have recently charged a teen with being a drunk driver who they say was responsible for killing a teenaged passenger.

The accident is believed to have started with a large party where alcohol was purportedly consumed by underage guests. During the follow-up investigation after the fatal wreck, an 18-year-old man was also charged with contributing to the accident when police searched his residence and found evidence that a large gathering had recently been hosted, along with small quantities of marijuana found in his possession. He is charged with underaged consumption of alcohol among other charges.

The tragic accident occurred after the gathering when the 17-year-old driver was operating his truck at what the officers determined was an excessive speed along a bend in a road. The driver apparently failed to maintain control and the vehicle slid across a walkway and into the grass where the back passenger compartment struck a utility pole. The victim, who was also 17, was not properly restrained and was thrown from the vehicle, resulting in fatal injuries.

The driver has now been charged with vehicular homicide and DUI as well as consuming alcohol unlawfully. Both of these young men are facing criminal charges for the death of a fellow teen in what may be seen as an avoidable tragedy. The family of this Georgia victim may also explore the feasibility of filing a wrongful death suit against the allegedly drunk driver who has been charged in this accident. If they elect to proceed with such litigation and can establish the facts as represented by law enforcement authorities, then they may be granted monetary relief for the expenses that may have served to only compound the grief caused by this terrible loss of a young life.

Source: wsbtv.com, “2 teens charged after deadly crash in Forsyth Co.”, , June 2, 2014