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Driver charged in semi truck accident in Gerorgia

Professional truck drivers often have long, lonely hours on the nation’s freeways as they travel the same roads with commuters and other motorists. That fact alone demands that they are careful drivers who always take the safety of those around them into consideration. All too frequently, however, there are reports of yet another semi truck accident that resulted in injuries. One such accident ended in tragedy in Georgia.

The accident occurred along Highway 316 in Winder. The 40-year-old man who was driving the truck is alleged to have been following another vehicle without leaving enough space between the two vehicles, which appears to have led to the crash. His semi crashed into the rear of the pickup truck that was traveling directly in front of him.

The vehicle that was struck by the rig was pushed into another vehicle. According to the reports, a 29-year-old Georgia man was killed in the collision. Another victim, a 44-year-old man, was injured and transported for medical care. It is unclear whether the man killed was a driver of a vehicle or if he had been a passenger. It is also unclear how the other victim was hurt.

The tractor-trailer flipped over after the impact with the pickup, but there was no indication if the driver was injured in the impact. He is facing charges of homicide by vehicle, as well as following the vehicle in front of him too closely. The family that has just lost their loved one may take little comfort in the fact that the driver was criminally charged for this tragic semi truck accident. Both the surviving families, as well as the other victim in this wreck, may decide to pursue their rights to file a wrongful death or personal injury suit, respectively. Doing so will not ease their emotional or physical pain, but a finding in their favor may at least ease some of the financial pain that often compounds the suffering following these sudden and tragic losses.

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