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Rural Georgia postal workers victims of distracted driver wrecks

One rural town in Georgia has sadly experienced a revision of the old adage about nothing stopping the delivery of mail, be it rain, snow or the danger of being involved in a collision. The local post office has been an unwilling witness to the danger that a distracted driver poses to its employees. In the past few years, a half-dozen of the local mail carriers have been caught up in accidents where another driver was at fault.

One woman, who was a relief carrier, was involved in an accident that led her to retire from her job. The wreck that ultimately led to this decision occurred at the end of her assigned mail route. As she delivered the last item, a driver hit her from behind. The crash caused her to suffer injuries to her head and cervical areas, for which she is still undergoing physical therapy.

This woman 35-year-old mother, says that she experienced so much anxiety as a result of the wreck that she could not continue her duties as a postal worker. Another woman, who was also a victim of a negligent driver, suffered injuries in a collision as well. Both of these wrecks were the result of other drivers’ poor decisions.

All of the recent collisions took place along open stretches of road without any contributing factors. In addition, the mail vehicles were all clearly marked, and the hazard lights were on during mail delivery. One employee has expressed her outrage at the seeming lack of respect that many drivers seem to display while sharing the roads. She has described the manner in which postal vehicles are passed while attempting to carry out their duties as reckless and inconsiderate.

There have been reminders issued concerning the actions that Georgia postal customers may observe to assist carriers in their duties, but there is little that can be done to protect against a distracted driver. These injured postal workers likely qualified for benefits under the Federal Employees Compensation Act. They also have the separate right to pursue civil claims against third parties whose negligence caused or contributed to any serious injuries suffered. A successful litigation may help relieve any monetary burdens that typically accrue from these types of accidents.

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