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Elderly Georgia man hit by alleged drunk driver

Springtime in Georgia brings out the beauty of nature, the appeal of long walks and upcoming graduation ceremonies for teens. However, recently, the combination of the above–along with a possible poor decision– appears to have led to the serious injuries suffered by one man after he was struck by a man suspected of being a drunk driver. The authorities say that the teenager who hit him was under the influence of alcohol.

The accident took place on an early Friday morning in mid-May. The victim, a 78-year-old man, was apparently taking a stroll around Lake Loretta around 7 a.m. The driver, an 18-year-old, somehow failed to maintain control of his vehicle, popped up over the curb and hit the man as he was walking.

The victim reportedly suffered serious head wounds from the impact. He was transported for care to the nearest medical facility. His updated medical condition was not included in a media report just after the collision. The teen driver allegedly admitted that he had been imbibing alcoholic beverages at the home of a friend at some point before the wreck. He was scheduled to take part in his high school graduation ceremony the following day.

The driver now faces four separate criminal charges of varying degrees, and he will need to devote his attention to the accusations and potential consequences. However, for the victim who has suffered the serious injuries, his future may be forever altered, providing he survives his wounds. Depending on the severity of the head trauma he may have suffered, he may never again have the opportunity to enjoy another Springtime stroll. Georgia personal injury victims retain the right to assess the viability of initiating a civil lawsuit against the alleged drunk driver and any other individual with an ownership interest in the motor vehicle involved. While nothing can undo the tragedy that already took place, a successful civil suit may result in a judgment for financial provisions for the current and future care that this elderly victim may require.

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