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2 killed in Georgia car accident

It is often said that life is short and no one knows when they are going to die. While this may be an unpleasant thought, it has nevertheless proven to be true in yet another car accident in Georgia. The victims are young and once again, a terribly tragedy has cut life short.

The accident took place late on a Friday evening on Highway 15 in Appling County. Three people were traveling in a vehicle headed in the appropriate lane. According to accident reports, a pickup truck that was traveling in the opposing direction veered into the first car’s travel lane.

The truck collided with the car head-on. Two people in the wrecked vehicle were pronounced deceased at the scene. Both victims shared a last name and were male and female, ages 24 and 23, respectively. Another occupant in the car, a woman, was transported by helicopter to the nearest facility that could handle her injuries. Police report that the driver of the truck was also taken for medical evaluation following the wreck.

Georgia officials are still completing an investigation into what may have led to the truck purportedly crossing into the other lane, and it has been reported that charges may possibly be filed against the driver in light of this fatal car accident. In the meantime, the loved ones of these two young victims may never get over this tragic loss. While they try to manage their grief, another potential problem might only add to their emotional suffering: mounting expenses caused by this wreck. They may seek to educate themselves concerning the filing of a wrongful death suit against the driver who may have been responsible for their loss — and for the surviving victim — a personal injury case. If the driver is shown to be responsible for their combined pain and suffering, then any compensation awarded may help to alleviate some of the financial distress the families may be struggling to handle.

Source: wjcl.com, “Two killed in Appling County car accident”, Rob Macko, April 27, 2014