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Georgia toddler killed in hit-and-run — wrongful death claim?

A Georgia mother is mourning the loss of her 2-year-old son and trying to help her daughter heal from injuries that were suffered in the same accident. Now, this woman is asking for any information that may help bring the person responsible for this apparent wrongful death to justice. The fatal collision occurred earlier this month and an investigation is ongoing.

The mother explained that she and her two small children were awaiting an opening in traffic to cross a DeKalb County street. Before they had an opportunity to make the crossing or move out of the way, a vehicle apparently left the roadway and jumped over the curbing. The vehicle, identified as a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, then hit the youngsters, running them over.

The truck driver apparently sped off. The woman said she called for help for her children and begged the driver to stop his flight. Reportedly, the driver was observed stopping along the roadside, driving off again after he discarded a beverage bottle. Emergency workers responded quickly to the hit-and-run accident, but medical staff were unable to save the younger child.

The girl, 4 years old, was less seriously injured, though she did suffer lacerations as well as a broken arm. The Georgia police are actively looking for the vehicle and its driver. The authorities say that images of the white pickup were recorded on nearby security cameras.

This distraught mother is tending to her daughter while mourning the tragic and senseless loss of her son. When the driver is found, he will likely face criminal charges. He may also face wrongful death and personal injury claims filed on behalf of the children. These actions will not change what has already taken place, but successfully presented civil claims could result in a monetary judgment for the added financial burden that this horrific tragedy has engendered.

Source: New York Daily News, ““He killed my baby boy”: Georgia mom wants help finding hit-and-run driver who killed son, 2, and injured daughter, 4“, Joe Kemp, April 8, 2014