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Fatal truck accident in Georgia results in charges

A woman, who is being detained due to her immigration status has also been charged with several counts following a traffic wreck. Law enforcement officials in Georgia have filed criminal complaints against the woman following a fatal truck accident that occurred in late March. She is facing homicide by vehicle after she is reported to have caused the crash on a busy Interstate.

The wreck caused the highway to be closed to traffic for several hours while officials summoned care for the injured and investigated the crash. According to reports that have been filed, the operator of a family van did not maintain her lane of travel and strayed into a lane where a tractor-trailer was traveling. The impact sent both vehicles off the highway.

The operator of the rig, a 39-year-old man, died at the time of the collision due to the severity of his injuries. Another man, who was a passenger in the rig, was also hurt, though less severely. The 44-year-old driver of the van was taken for medical care, but she was then turned over to the custody of police.

The woman who is being held is also charged with not having proper documents to operate a vehicle, as well as potentially lacking permission to be in the country legally. The family of the victim who died will now have to struggle to try to carry on without their loved one. Georgia laws will enable his family to at least seek some financial relief from the overwhelming monetary harm that they have suffered in light of this fatal truck accident. Not only are there funeral and burial expenses to bear, but they may also have the added hardship of the loss of this man’s earnings to help provide for them in the future.

Source: 11alive.com, “Woman charged in fatal I-85 wreck”, Beth Sawicki, Mar. 28, 2014