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2 dogs; 2 boys; 2 Georgia familes face loss due to fatal accident

Within the time frame of less than three days, two loose dogs have resulted in the deaths of two teenagers. Now, two separate Georgia families will be forever connected by one common and heartbreaking factor — the loss of a loved one from a fatal accident. Both children died after being struck by cars.

The common denominator in both of these separate accidents was unrestrained dogs. Both of the boys who died had attempted to flee from the animals by running into a street. The first tragic death was suffered by a 13-year-old boy who was being pursued by an off-leash dog. This boy ran into a street where he was struck by a passing motorist. The driver was not charged by police, but the dog’s owner was given a citation for failing to restrain his pet.

The second and most recent accident involved an older teen who had just disembarked from public transportation. An unrestrained Pit bull terrier began to come after the teen. The boy sought to escape the charging animal by racing into the road. This boy, too, was struck and killed by an apparently unwitting motorist. The dog in this case was struck and died as well.

Now, not only do two families have to bury their young men, but two motorists will have to deal with the fact that they indirectly caused each of these families to suffer the loss of a loved one from a fatal accident. While officials have not stated whether a second dog owner was fined, these Georgia families may seek information regarding the possibility of finding justice and closure for their lost children. If enough evidence is gathered that may show negligence or carelessness in restraining these animals, it may be possible for either one or both of these Georgia families to file a wrongful death claim against the pet owners who may have been ultimately responsible for the loss of two young people who had a lifetime of accomplishments ahead of them.

Source: myajc.com, “Car strikes, kills Riverdale teen running from pit bull”, Rodney Thrash, April 12, 2014