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Drunk driver facing charges after tragic fatal accident

A Georgia man was killed in a tragic accident caused by a drunk driver. The fatality was a result of a vehicle striking a man alongside a road in the Cobb County area. The suspected drunk driver was arrested at the scene of the incident after law enforcement noticed the smell of alcohol coming from him.

The man who was killed was a Georgia resident who earned a living making signs for real estate agents. He parked his truck alongside a road and was placing a sign in a yard when the driver swerved and hit him. Although he received emergency medical treatment, the severely injured man died in the hospital. The driver was apparently not injured in the accident.

At the scene of the accident, the driver required the assistance of law enforcement to stand up and balance. The man was officially charged with drunk driving, vehicular homicide and leaving his lane. It is not indicated if a blood alcohol content test was performed at the scene of the accident or after the driver was taken into custody.

The drunk driver will face legal consequences for his decision to drive while intoxicated. The family of the deceased could explore the option to seek financial compensation for the unexpected death of the man. No amount of wrongful death compensation could undo the damage that has been done, but there is often a large financial burden that comes with the unexpected death of a loved one. If a family member has died because of the actions of another person, a wrongful death claim can be a viable option for those left behind.

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