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Chain-reaction truck collision leaves man seriously injured

In the Atlanta area, a chain-reaction truck collision left one man seriously injured and the interstate congested for an extended period. All four vehicles involved in the accident were semi trucks. The <span style=”line-height: 16.66666603088379px; white-space: normal;”>collision</span> took place along I-20 in Georgia as the vehicles were slowing to enter a required weigh station.

The first truck slowed down to exit the interstate. Behind the first truck, the second struck it, followed shortly by the third and fourth. The second semi truck caught fire. The driver was trapped in the cab but was pulled to safety by a few accident witnesses and two firefighters. The accident had traffic backed up on the interstate for approximately 10 miles.

The accident left a significant amount of debris on the interstate. After the man was pulled from his burning truck, he required medical treatment. In fact, the ambulance got a flat tire while transporting the seriously injured man to the hospital. While he did sustain significant injuries, it was said that his condition is stable.

While Georgia law enforcement officers have not named an at-fault driver, they have said that charges could be filed. The truck <span style=”line-height: 16.66666603088379px; white-space: normal;”>collision</span> is still under investigation. Depending on which driver is determined to be at fault, it is possible that the injured driver could be eligible for personal injury compensation. It is feasible that the first driver could be liable for the accident because he braked too quickly. When determining if a person is eligible for compensation, it could be beneficial to evaluate all of the factors from the accident before beginning any type of legal process.

Source: www.ajc.com, Gwinnett truck driver catches fire during chain-reaction crash on I-20, Alexis Stevens, March 14, 2014