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Auto accident caused by mechanical issues kills Georgia woman

In a recent tragic car accident, a Georgia woman died because of a mechanical issue in the car. The accident took place a few years ago but is now coming to national attention because of a large recall on a particular make and model vehicle that was announced this month. It is believed that the woman’s auto accident was caused by an ignition failure that occurred while she was driving.

General Motors has announced a nationwide recall on over one million Chevy Cobalts. This is what the Georgia woman was driving when she lost control of her vehicle while traveling at approximately 60 miles per hour. GM says that the issues in the Cobalt have been connected with 31 crashes, resulting in 13 fatalities.

The woman was wearing her seatbelt at the time of the accident but there is nothing she could have done when her ignition failed. Evidence from the crash indicates that the ignition stopped working while the car was in motion. Sadly, the woman’s airbag did not deploy in the accident, and she died from serious injuries. GM has been named in a lawsuit filed after the accident. Lawyers for the family maintain that the company knew about the issue before releasing the vehicles and could have fixed the safety issue for minimal costs.

It is not clear at this time if the family has been offered a settlement for the auto accident. They are taking legal action against General Motors and have stated that they are trying to prevent any similar accidents from happening in the future. It is possible that this family could receive compensation for the wrongful death of their young family member in this preventable auto accident fatality.

Source: detroitnews.com, Ga. woman killed in crash where GM ignition failed, Melissa Burden, Feb. 27, 2014