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After a car accident, victim still facing huge medical bills

A Georgia man who lives in Augusta was involved in a car accident involving a city vehicle about two years ago. The man was injured in the accident and required over a week of treatment in the hospital. He claims that he is now being hounded by collection agencies over bills stemming from the car accident.

The original accident took place when a city employee pulled in front of the Georgia man while he was on his motorcycle. His leg was badly injured and required extensive medical care, along with a multitude of recovery expenses. The man claims that he is unable to do any physical work after the accident.

An accident investigation revealed that the city employee was at fault for the incident. The victim was awarded the sum of $365,000 from which he was supposed to pay his medical bills. After meeting all of his accident-related requirements, he says that there is barely enough remaining for him to survive. He believes that he is the victim of the low settlement cap for the state of Georgia. He is currently seeking medical disability income, but he was apparently denied.

When a person is the victim of the negligent or dangerous actions of another driver, he or she may be eligible for financial compensation. As illustrated in this car accident case, a settlement may not always provide the full amount needed; accordingly, it is important to weigh all of the relevant facts and circumstances — including potential future expenses — before agreeing on a specific figure to resolve pending litigation. Moreover, when a deserving person is denied disability, it could be grounds for legal action as well. A full evaluation of the circumstances can reveal the best option.

Source: wjbf.com, Augusta Man Upset About Settlement After Accident With City Worker, Mike Miller, March 20, 2014