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Wrongful death suit claims Jimmy John’s driver was unsafe

As many Georgia residents have heard in radio and TV advertisements, the sandwich shop Jimmy John’s takes great pride in its “freaky fast” delivery. It’s their slogan, and it is part of their business model. They want to deliver your sandwich to you in a very short amount of time. As a result, their managers need to run a tight ship; their sandwich makers need to be quick; and, maybe most importantly (and most dangerously), their drivers have to push it as fast as they can.

While it makes sense from a business standpoint, and though the customers may appreciate the expedient approach, what is public safety cost of this “freaky fast” idea? In 2011, a motorcyclist sued Jimmy John’s for promoting unsafe driving practices after he was struck by a delivery driver. Now, there’s a newer, and more tragic, example.

A pedestrian was killed by a Jimmy John’s driver while he was walking his dog across a street. Witnesses say the driver was travelling “very fast” at the time of the accident, and the man’s family has sued the company for promoting unsafe driving and creating working conditions that endanger public safety.

Proving wrongful death can sometimes be difficult, and it is why the investigation into the incident is so important. But in this case, there is substantial evidence against the driver and Jimmy John’s. Their advertising establishes intent to drive in an unsafe manner, and if the police investigation establishes negligent driving on the part of the Jimmy John’s driver, the family of the deceased man deserves compensation through their wrongful death suit to help cope with the pain, anguish and suffering they have dealt with.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Jimmy John’s sued in pedestrian’s death,” Richard Webner, Feb. 5, 2014