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Massive pile-up claims 3 lives, leaves several injured

A horrific and tragic pile-up crash in Georgia claimed at least three lives and left multiple people injured. The crash, which happened a few weeks ago, is noteworthy because multiple semi-trucks were involved in the wreck, and the police do not know why the accident occurred. Seven vehicles were involved in the crash, and the incident is under investigation.

There are some details about the crash, but they are largely irrelevant for the time being as the police try to piece together this complicated wreck. What is known is that a pickup truck hit the back of one of the semis (three such trucks were involved), sparking the massive pile-up that left at least one vehicle so badly damaged that officials were unable to identify it.

Herein lies the major issue with tractor trailer accidents like this: the carnage caused by a truck accident is usually greater than a regular car accident. These huge trucks have tremendous power and immense size compared to most other vehicles on the road. When they crash, it is very likely the results will be severe. People usually will suffer serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries when they are involved with a truck accident.

If a truck accident is deemed to be caused by the truck, then both the driver and the truck company will come under investigation. The company’s safety protocols will be critiqued; the driver’s record and state of mind will be questioned; and the state of the vehicle itself will be looked at (was it recently tuned up or maintained?). If any fault is found, these parties could be held liable in civil court for the harm they caused.

Source: Florida Times-Union, “At least 3 dead in chain reaction crash of seven vehicles on I-95 near Brunswick,” Terry Dickson, Dec. 17, 2013