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Season tickets are at the heart of Lumpkin family probate litigation, P.1

Disputes during probate administration can involve a number of issues. One very common one, of course, if fighting over specific assets. One asset that may not come to mind immediately, is season athletics tickets. Disputes over season athletics tickets are not terribly common, but can be very disruptive when they arise.

Case in point: an ongoing dispute between the son and daughter of Frank Lumpkin Jr., the well-known Columbus insurance man and banker. The two are co-executors of the Lumpkin estate. The dispute has been going on for over a decade, but became public last summer when Frank Lumpkin III sued his sister for her refusal to close the estate unless he transfers the tickets to her name.

The tickets, to be sure, are not mentioned in the lawsuit, but attorneys involved in the dispute have said previously that the tickets are at the heart of the bickering. Part of the problem is that the Lumpkins parents didn’t provide any direction in their will as to who should get the tickets, leaving their children to sort it out on their own. That has obviously been unsuccessful.

Friends of the Lumpkins aren’t surprised over the dispute, given that passion for Georgia athletics runs in the family. Along this line, one story in circulation has it that Frank Lumpkin Jr., as a young man, got in a fistfight with an Auburn fan over team rivalry, holding his son’s bassinet in his left hand and swinging with his right.

In our next post, we’ll continue with this topic.

Source: ESPN, “Dad’s dead; now hand over his tickets,” September 7, 2012.