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Jackson family dispute involves allegations that will was fraudulently executed

Amid a family dispute over the estate of the late Michael Jackson, some members of the Jackson family have accused others of kidnapping the 82-year-old Katherine Jackson in an effort to win her over in a fight over Michael’s fortune.

On Wednesday, a Los Angeles Judge stripped Katherine Jackson of custody of Michael’s three children. Tito Joe Jackson, an older cousin of the children, was awarded temporary custody after a hearing in which it was alleged that Katherine was being held against her will and was speaking strangely. According to the order, he would need to file paperwork seeking permanent in order to have permanent custody of the children, but Katherine Jackson could be reinstated as guardian if she returns.

According to Randy Jackson, Katherine’s son, she was out of town to rest and relax, on doctors orders. Katherine has been quoted as saying that the court order was “based on a bunch of lies.”

The ruling comes amid a growing family dispute over who should act as executor of Michael’s estate. The two men appointed to do so-non-family members-have been accused of fraudulently executing the late pop star’s will, lying to Katherine Jackson and covering up the true cause of his death. A handful of Jacksons have signed a letter demanding their resignation.

While the letter claims the pop star’s will is invalid, it has already been determined to be valid. The will establishes a trust, under which his mother is to receive 40 percent of his estate. His three children are to split 40 percent, while the remaining 20 percent goes to charity. At Katherine’s death, her children are to inherit her portion of the proceeds of the estate. Michael’s father and siblings were given nothing in the will.

Some of the Jacksons have accused the executors of being motivated by money. In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how this dispute develops.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Jackson family feud boils over in custody ruling on singer’s children,” July 25, 2012