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Familiar face calls for changes to penalties for drug crimes

Georgia residents remember former governor Nathan Deal. Though his time serving the Peach State in public office has passed, he is still fighting for change on behalf of Georgia residents and the nation as a whole. He recently made headlines when he explained why he proposed changes to federal laws pertaining to the way drug crimes are prosecuted and penalized. 

Deal and his team have formed a task force to try to change some laws they say are outdated and unjust. The task force submitted a proposal asking for a list of changes to drug crimes laws, and it follows up each proposed change with reasoning and solid statistics. This is a bipartisan effort that hopes to change the way regular people accused of drug crimes are treated by the legal system. 

Misdemeanor convictions may come with collateral consequences

People who are facing misdemeanor charges sometimes think that these aren't a big deal. While being convicted of one won't result in being labeled as a felon for life, there are still some serious consequences that you need to think about when you're working on your defense strategy.

Your thoughts might turn to things like incarceration, fines, probation and community service. You also need to consider the collateral consequences that might haunt you for life. These can have a significant negative impact on your life, and they don't expire when you finish your court-imposed sentence.

Woman accused of shoplifting over $500 in merchandise

There are certain crimes that many people assume are not a big deal to have listed on their record. Often, if the crime was not one that involved violence, people accused assume that the impact on their life will be minimal. Unfortunately, that is not the case with many seemingly innocuous offenses. For example, shoplifting seems like a harmless crime, but it can still carry significant punishment with prosecution and have a long-lasting impact even after a person has served time. One woman here in Georgia may want to consider her strategy for criminal defense after she was arrested for shoplifting from a Target store.

Authorities claim that the woman stole more than $500 worth of various products. They say that she used the bar code of a container of Play-Doh multiple times at a self-checkout register, bagging the other items instead. A cashier became suspicious, claiming he'd caught her trying to use this same tactic on another occasion and he decided to call police. 

Woman accused of theft demands attorney

Georgia residents may have shopped in a store that has a self-checkout lane, a small kiosk that allows a shopper to scan his or her own purchases rather than wait in line for a cashier. These registers usually provide prompts to make sure items ring up properly and a feature to call for help if an attendant is needed. Recently, one woman was accused of theft after using such a checkout lane. 

Georgia police say they were called to a Target store when employees suspected a woman had used one of these kiosks to steal. Employees say the woman appeared to ring up each item, place it in the bag and pay for her order. She left the store with a cart full of goods and a receipt. When asked to show her receipt to security, she allegedly had a receipt that showed nothing but jars of children's toy modeling dough instead of the various items in her bags. 

Police warn speeding tickets are still being issued

Georgia drivers are getting used to roads with less traffic since many schools, businesses and public buildings remain closed. Less traffic may seem like a silver lining, but drivers should pay extra close attention to the speed limit. Without a line of vehicles in front and behind, a driver may not realize he or she is speeding

Georgia police report that some drivers have recently been clocked travelling at over 100 mph. Though traffic patrol officers may appear to have a decreased presence, tickets for triple digit speeds are up over 30% from last year. Officers are still pulling people over for speeding, and they report issuing over 600 speeding tickets in one weekend. This does not include tickets that may have been issued by local police or other law enforcement entities. 

Trio charged with theft, but was treatment fair?

When news media covers a story in which a group of people have been charged in a crime, the article may leave more questions than answers. Sometimes, law enforcement is still investigating and a news source has only limited information, like names, ages and what a person was charged with. Obviously there is much more to the story, and a recent article about an alleged theft in Georgia raises valid questions about what details may be missing from the coverage. 

According to preliminary reports, three individuals have been charged in what has been called a scheme to steal iPhones. It seems that a 25-year-old Georgia man had worked for an independent retailer that sold the Apple phones inside Sam's Club. After being fired for reasons that have not been disclosed, he allegedly brought two associates into a plot to steal merchandise from his former employer. 

Can I get arrested for possessing kratom here in Georgia?

In recent years, there has been a nationwide crackdown on opioid drugs prescribed by doctors. While this was intended to combat the scourge of opiate addiction that has claimed so many lives and ruined families all over the United States, it has also had some adverse consequences.

Many patients who were legitimately prescribed pain pills and who took them responsibly to stave off intractable chronic pain now cannot get the relief they need. As a result, some have turned to the use of kratom to treat their pain.

Wills preparation during a crisis

Georgia residents are taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, but it can be difficult to find accurate answers to important questions. People must stay up-to-date about a wide range of topics, and regulations vary by state and may change daily. An average adult may have to get used to business closures, limited hours and shortages at stores, not to mention their children trying to finish the school year online. The serious health risk has also led to a surge in people needing information about wills preparation, and many are confused by search results. 

A major news outlet has compiled some pertinent information to help with the process. Making a will is not just a good idea for those that are elderly or seriously ill. Especially when a widespread pandemic is affecting people of all ages, it may be beneficial for any adult, especially if he or she has children. Having a last will and testament in place will ensure that children and other designated beneficiaries are provided for and do not have to try to sort out things like final expenses, property and assets, or family heirlooms. 

Rapper Playboi Carti charged with drug possession in Georgia

When individuals are pulled over by law enforcement officers, they often feel as if they must comply with any request that the officer's make. However, they have certain rights. For example, a person does not have to give a law enforcement official permission to search his or her vehicle, but many people may be unaware of these rights. In fact, rapper Playboi Carti is likely wondering if his rights were violated in the events leading up to his recent arrest in Georgia and subsequent criminal charges, including drug possession.

The incident that led to the man's arrest reportedly involved a traffic stop. Police say that they pulled over a luxury sports car because it had expired tags. After the stop, authorities claim to have found several bags of marijuana in addition to oxycodone, codeine, Xanax and three guns. Despite the allegations made by police, it is unclear what prompted the search that led to these discoveries.

Charges related to drug crimes can carry serious consequences

Perhaps it started with Georgia law enforcement banging on the door, or it may have started with flashing lights in the rear view mirror. Regardless of how it began, the feeling of dread is often the same. Law enforcement officers apparently concluded that something illegal has occurred, and they are intent upon finding out. Depending upon the situation, these events may lead to the individual being charged with one or more drug crimes.

Georgia law enforcement recently executed a search warrant on one home, which resulted in the arrest of five individuals. After searching the home, officers claim to have discovered marijuana, cocaine and pills along with packaging materials and a variety of firearms. Each individual has been charged with a variety of drug crimes, including possession and possession with intent to distribute.

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