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Charges related to drug crimes can carry serious consequences

Perhaps it started with Georgia law enforcement banging on the door, or it may have started with flashing lights in the rear view mirror. Regardless of how it began, the feeling of dread is often the same. Law enforcement officers apparently concluded that something illegal has occurred, and they are intent upon finding out. Depending upon the situation, these events may lead to the individual being charged with one or more drug crimes.

Georgia law enforcement recently executed a search warrant on one home, which resulted in the arrest of five individuals. After searching the home, officers claim to have discovered marijuana, cocaine and pills along with packaging materials and a variety of firearms. Each individual has been charged with a variety of drug crimes, including possession and possession with intent to distribute.

In Georgia, marijuana use is still illegal

Recent years have brought many changes to the country's marijuana laws, at least at the state level. While Georgia has typically enforced stringent marijuana restrictions, there has been a slight loosening of the prohibitions against pot usage under House Bill 1, or the "Haleigh's Hope Act."

What this bill did was to permit very seriously ill patients to possess a cannabis product with only a low dose of THC, the active ingredient that gets recreational users high from the drug. But for almost all other users, the same prohibitions against marijuana use prevail.

Man accused of multiple shoplifting offenses

When people face an arrest for what may seem like a minor crime, they might think that the effect on their life won't be significant. However, the judicial system treats any kind of theft very seriously, especially if the person stands accused of multiple instances of theft. Besides jail time or a fine, conviction could have a long-lasting impact over the course of a person's life, in both personal and career aspects. This is what one Georgia man may be confronting after he was arrested and accused of multiple instances of shoplifting.

Atlanta police say that the man committed nine different thefts over the past five months. They claim that he robbed cars and different businesses. Officers say that when they spotted the man out in public, he ran from them and was apprehended behind a nearby home. 

Reckless driving on I-285 necessitated partial shut down

When a person here in Georgia is arrested for a charge related to a driving offense, he or she may assume that a fine or jail time may be the only result. However, those who face charges for traffic violations may not be aware that the effects of conviction can be far-reaching across multiple aspects of a person's life. This is precisely why it is important for those charged with traffic violations to ensure that they consider their criminal defense strategy. This is what two men may be facing after they were arrested for reckless driving after police say that multiple people shut down part of I-285 to perform driving tricks.

According to police, the incident happened on a recent evening when multiple people gathered in the airport runway tunnel portion of I-285. Drivers were allegedly performing dangerous driving stunts, such as "drifting." They also stand accused of shutting down that part of the interstate to engage in these activities.

Teen arrested for traffic violations after crash

When teens get into trouble, many try and explain why it was not their fault. One Georgia teen has a lot of explaining to do after he was involved in accident that may not have even been his fault. Nevertheless, he was arrested for traffic violations following a fatal crash. 

The teen was driving behind another car and was followed by a man on a motorcycle. The car in front of the teen slowed for traffic. The teen swerved to the adjacent lane to avoid rear-ending the slowed vehicle. The man on the motorcycle then struck the first vehicle and, thereafter, the teen's car. The biker did not survive the crash. 

Traffic stop leads to accusations of drug crimes

Getting pulled over by the police can be a nerve-wracking experience. Sometimes even experienced drivers panic a bit and behave in a way that may seem suspicious. If police suspect a driver is hiding something or is perhaps under the influence, they may take action beyond writing a traffic ticket. A young man from Georgia, now accused of drug crimes, is facing these circumstances. 

According to reports, a 21-year-old Georgia man was driving, accompanied by two other persons of similar age. Police allege they witnessed an equipment violation on his vehicle and decided to conduct a traffic stop. Purportedly, the driver did not immediately pull over, but police caught up with the vehicle shortly thereafter. Officers decided to search the vehicle, and claim to have found illegal drugs and a firearm that did not legally belong to any of the occupants. 

Fines may double for some traffic offenses

Georgia lawmakers are contemplating some changes regarding laws intended to keep motorists safe. In recent years, distracted driving has been a major issue on roadways nationwide. As far as traffic offenses go, distracted driving may not sound particularly egregious, but experts warn that the consequences can be deadly. 

The Peach State is considering legislation that would double the fine for a driver found guilty of distracted driving. Currently, drivers found guilty of this offense can expect to pay a $50 fine. If the distracted driving contributed to an accident or other serious situation, the penalty can be more. Police say that in the past few years, thousands of tickets have been issued for this offense, but some people continue to take the risk. 

Teens may ignore the risks of criminal activity

When teenagers get accused of crimes, parents often ask themselves how it could have happened. They don't understand why their child made these decisions and choices. It's perplexing to them because there is a clear risk and they understand how the actions can derail the child's future.

The issue, some would contend, is that the teens themselves do not understand the risks or at least are willing to ignore them. This is especially true when peer pressure is involved. As one expert put it in Scholastic:

Wills preparation the right way can reduce complications

Thinking about the future is not easy, and people often put off the estate planning process because they believe it is not necessary for their stage in life. However, planning for the future is important for Georgia adults of all ages, but it's just as important that it be done the right way. Mistakes and errors in the wills preparation process can lead to complications and issues for heirs and beneficiaries when trying to settle the estate.

After a person passes away, the probate process will take place. This process makes sure the will is legitimate and gives interested parties the opportunity to challenge the terms of the will. By having a thorough estate plan, it is possible to leave some assets out of the probate process. This can result in lower fees, fewer complications and a faster process for heirs.

Wanted for shoplifting? You may want an attorney

When Georgia police suspect that a person has committed a crime in the Peach State, it is not unusual for law enforcement to reach out to the public for help. Often, news outlets ask for the public's help identifying a suspect or getting information about an incident. While this is certainly helpful for investigative purposes, news stories may lack detail or not provide a follow-up. Anyone that stands accused of a crime like shoplifting may personally suffer if he or she did not actually commit a crime. 

Recently, Georgia police asked for the public's help identifying two women suspected of shoplifting from a Walmart store. The article has what appears to be still photos from store surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, the article does not provide any evidence or detail as to why these particular individuals are currently suspected. 

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