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Cyber attack may affect traffic violations tickets

For some years now, Georgia residents have become used to doing many things online. Many people now shop, pay bills, schedule appointments and complete various other mundane tasks on the internet. What used to require a written check and a stamped envelope can now be accomplished with a few quick clicks. Even some legal situations, like traffic violations that resulted in a fine, can usually be handled online. 

Georgia residents should be aware that a cyber attack is affecting the computer systems used to process traffic tickets. Recently, a reported malware virus rendered computers used by Georgia's Department of Public Safety unusable. The state police and other law enforcement agencies have had to resort to the old method of tedious paperwork to process tickets and similar offenses that carry a fine. 

Liberal wills preparation laws increase chances of disputes

In many states, someone who wants to create a will has many rules to follow, including having an appropriate number of witnesses and following certain standards of preparation. In Georgia, however, wills preparation is not so complex. While this may encourage more people to leave a record of their final wishes, it may open the way for family disputes and legal challenges.

Creating a will is a critical task for anyone who has an estate, children or other issues to resolve after death. A will not only distributes one's belongings, but it also can name an appropriate guardian for one's children and designate someone to represent the estate during probate. While these may seem like grown-up issues, Georgia is the only state allowing children as young as age 14 to write a will.

Protecting your future against drug possession charges

Drug possession charges are never something to take lightly, whether a person faces allegations of a first-time offense or already has prior convictions. Here in Georgia, the laws that apply to drug possession are still fairly strict when compared to some other states, and a first-time drug possession conviction can change a suspect's entire future in an instant.

If you face drug possession charges, it is wise to use every resource you have to build a strong legal defense as soon as possible. Without a legal defense, you have very little chance of avoiding harsh punishment that is often far worse than the alleged crime. A drug conviction can make it difficult or impossible to find a lucrative job (or even a livable job), find housing and move forward in your education. Protecting your rights right now protects your rights and opportunities in the future.

Dog-napping? Man accused of theft

People love their furry friends, and Georgia residents may be among the growing number of Americans who consider their pets to be family members, not property. While certainly, it is not difficult to get attached to a beloved pet, animals are still legally considered to be property, and some kinds of pets cost a pretty penny. Recently, a Georgia man walked into a pet shop and found himself facing allegations of theft

Reports indicate that the man in question walked into a Georgia pet boutique that had some very expensive puppies for sale. The man allegedly showed interest in a type of bulldog puppy that had an $800 price tag. Store employees remember him playing with the pup inside the store for several minutes.

Choosing a trustee is an important part of trust preparation

Creating a trust that performs well and will ultimately fulfill its purpose without any problems takes time and effort. This is why people in Georgia usually take trust preparation quite seriously. However, there is one aspect of this process that most people do not deliberate on enough -- choosing the right trustee.

The trustee is the person who will manage the trust and pay out benefits accordingly. This takes a certain level of knowledge and understanding of various topics, including investment management, tax planning and more. Rather than simply choosing the closest family member or oldest friend, the person creating the trust should consider the choice from a business perspective. Who has the ability and the know-how to get things done and to get them done correctly? An individual who fulfills these criteria and can act objectively -- including a corporate trustee -- may be the most appropriate choice.

Juvenile driving offenses can come with big consequences

Georgia parents do their best to prepare their teens for adult privileges like driving. When a teen passes the road test, receives a license and grabs the keys, parents can only hope the teen will be careful and responsible behind the wheel. Unfortunately, young drivers are sometimes tempted to push the limits, and juvenile driving offenses can carry big consequences.  

Recently, Georgia officers spotted a vehicle going over 100 mph on a stretch of road where the posted speed was 65. As officers prepared to pursue the vehicle, the driver struck a concrete divider. The car was badly damaged and oil began to leak all over the road. 

Georgia residents facing drug charges for cocaine, meth and more

A Georgia drug task force has apparently been busy working on an investigation that spanned approximately four months' time. Police say they recently acted on numerous warrants that led to seven arrests. Several people are now facing drug charges in connection with the investigation.

When police request entry to a particular residence, they often do so because they suspect that a crime has taken place inside or that someone residing in said dwelling has participated in criminal activity. If a search is conducted that results in seized property or an arrest, prosecutors may decide to file criminal charges if they believe enough evidence exists to seek conviction against one or more people involved. Any person charged with a drug crime is guaranteed an opportunity to refute those charges in court.

Student says alleged theft is a cheesy accusation

Breakfast has long been touted as the most important meal of the day. Recently, a Georgia student popped into a local Waffle House restaurant to grab a bite and nearly wound up in legal trouble. What began as a question over a bill quickly escalated into an accusation of theft

The young man explains that, after enjoying his meal, he saw a charge on his bill that he did not understand. He questioned an employee and was informed that, since he had requested cheese be added to his meal, there was an up-charge of $1.00. The student said that the restaurant should inform customers that there is an extra charge when they order cheese, in case someone is not willing or able to pay extra.

Understanding marijuana possession laws in Georgia

Georgia drug laws tend to be relatively strict when compared to other states in the country. However, slow and steady headway is being made when it comes to the use of marijuana. House Bill 1, informally known as Haleigh's Hope Act, now allows certain patients to legally attain low THC cannabis oil as a medical prescription.

While some things are changing, the possession of marijuana is still highly punishable. If you have been found in possession of marijuana in Georgia, it is important to gain an understanding of the charges you will likely face if you are found guilty. It's also important to know when a possession charge escalates to a trafficking charge.

29 arrested for drug possession in Georgia

Nearly 30 people have been arrested by the Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force across a variety of counties, according to recent reports. This drug possession bust was among the largest in the state, engaging nine different law enforcement organizations including county and local police forces as well as U.S. Marshals. Those arrested will be appearing in Georgia criminal court to face their charges. 

The details of these arrests were not included in the report. However, a sting operation of this scope can often take months of careful planning to coordinate the multiple organizations involved in the operation. The operation spanned four counties, however, and would necessarily involve the sharing of evidence and other investigative findings across all involved authorities. 

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