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Annual campaign cracks down on traffic violations

According to Georgia police, there is less traffic on the road this summer than there has been in recent years. This may be partly due to business closures and travel restrictions that are affecting much of the nation. Drivers may assume that less traffic is a good thing, but an annual campaign to crack down on traffic violations aims to prove otherwise. 

For the fourth year in a row, Operation Southern Shield kicked off in late July. This annual campaign is an effort by law enforcement, which focuses on pulling over drivers who are speeding or breaking other traffic laws. Georgia police claim that statistics show a marked increase in fatal accidents when speed is a factor. 

Self medication and drug crimes

Mental health issues are an ongoing problem across the country, and many Georgia residents are among the thousands of Americans that are suffering without the benefit of medical treatment. Often, health care professionals can provide answers for the symptoms an individual is experiencing, but many people have trouble accessing applicable treatment options. A recent study focused on the different reasons that men and women turn to illegal drugs, which places them at risk of being charged with drug crimes

The results of the study suggest that men often turn to illegal drugs in an attempt to fit in with peers, while women typically do so to ease personal suffering. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues that can affect an individual's daily life are commonly treated with pharmaceutical remedies. Some people accused of drug crimes turned to using drugs as a means of self medicating.

What you need to know about being detained by the police

Have you ever had to learn something, whether back in school, in the workforce or perhaps in real life settings, and figured at the time that you would never need that nugget of information? Then one day, lo and behold, that very thing that you learned that day literally saves your bacon because you remembered it.

Well, here comes another one of those important tidbits: What you should (and shouldn't) do when detained by the police. You may be a law-abiding citizen with no plan to ever break the law and still wind up accused of horrible crimes. The allegations and arrest may be out of your control, but whether you get convicted can hinge in part on what you do during and immediately after your arrest. Read on for some solid advice from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Passenger charged with drug crimes

Being the passenger in another person's vehicle can lead to trouble. Even if a mistake on the part of the driver is what initially draws the attention of law enforcement officers, others in the vehicle may wind up facing charges if if they tried to help in an emergency situation. One Georgia woman recently learned this fact the hard way when she found herself facing charges for drug crimes

The trouble started when police spotted a vehicle driving in a rainstorm without headlights, a violation of state law. Officers signaled for the driver to pull over, but instead, the driver tried to evade police. As police gave chase, the driver jumped out of the moving vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. 

Tips for drama-free wills preparation

Parents often find themselves thinking about their growing family's future. When day-to-day life is hectic, it is common for parents to put off long-term projects that feel overwhelming because keeping up with day-to-day tasks is difficult enough. Serious matters like wills preparation might fall to the wayside because the mere thought of the drama and disagreements that might arise between family members is exhausting. Georgia parents may be able to breathe a bit easier with these simple estate planning tips

When children are young, they likely do not consider how a parent's assets may be divided among siblings in the event of death. As adults, it can cause contention, especially because many parents update their will when children reach adulthood. Sometimes, adult siblings cannot agree on serious matters, like whether a family home should be sold. Wills preparation can remove the stress for the entire family and protect adult siblings from infighting. 

State police look out for traffic offenses

Summer is in full swing, and Georgia residents are making the most of it. For many, summer is a time to get out of the house and have some fun. Planning an excursion near or far requires a bit of planning, and people may get a bit frazzled trying to keep up with closures, weather and other details. Drivers should be aware that being well prepared can make or break plans, but trying to check on various details while driving may result in citations for traffic offenses

Georgia State Police recently revealed that over 50,000 tickets for distracted driving have been issued within the state in the last two years. These numbers do not include tickets issued by local police departments. Distracted driving can result in injury or death for innocent people, so law enforcement takes the matter seriously. 

Marijuana possession: Time for a change?

With the nation in the midst of some tangible unrest, many states are considering various reformations to current laws and policies that it's residents, as a majority, feel are unfair. Georgia legislature will be looking at a bill that primarily focuses on law enforcement policies and procedures but also includes other issues, like changing the penalties for marijuana possession. The bill is called The Georgia Justice Act. 

The portion of the bill that addresses cannabis suggests the statewide decriminalization of marijuana. This does not mean it would be legal for persons without a medical marijuana card to have, use or sell marijuana, but it would lessen the penalties if a person gets caught with a small amount. Other states already have similar laws in place, and many feel like Georgia is a bit behind the times on the issue. 

Switching price tags is a form of shoplifting

You're walking around the Cumming WalMart and see a cute bathing suit in your size. You try it on and it's a great fit. But at $35, it's a little bit above your price range. You see a different suit, not nearly as cute or as well-made, with a $15.99 sale price tag on it.

You decide to switch the price tags on the two bathing suits while you're in the dressing room. You proceed to the register with the more expensive suit now bearing a tag reading $15.99. But, as you are about to run your debit card through the card reader, the store's loss prevention officer intercepts you. Suddenly, you're being arrested for shoplifting.

Georgia drivers may need refresher to avoid traffic violations

Georgia residents couldn't be happier that things are opening back up just in time for summer to arrive. Over the past few months, drivers have gotten used to less traffic on the roads because many people only ventured out for essentials. Once again, there is plenty to see and do, and the streets are full of people anxious to get out of the house and have some fun. Drivers may want to refresh themselves on some safety tips to avoid traffic violations

One of the trickiest patterns to navigate can be a four-way stop at an intersection. When traffic is coming from four directions with a stop sign at each lane, it can be tricky to know whose turn it is. If a driver gets confused and goes at the wrong time, a serious accident or a traffic ticket can result. 

Wills preparation is a job for a legal professional

Recent events may have given Georgia residents cause to pause and think about their need to make sure they have a last will and testament in place. Life is always uncertain, and the thought of leaving loved ones to deal with legal and financial matters upon passing is something no one wants to do. Wills preparation may seem like something to put off for another day, but making sure all the ducks are in a row is just a loving way to show children and family members that care has been taken on their behalves. 

Everyday people may wonder what should be included in a will. Contrary to popular belief, a person that does not have a large portfolio of financial assets should still have a will. The loss of the family breadwinner can seriously burden even families of modest means if legal matters are not handled ahead of time. 

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