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Multiple violent crimes charges filed after shooting

Violence within families is a subject that is taken very seriously across the nation. If violence against a spouse or child is suspected, then it isn't unusual for violent crimes charges to be filed. Numerous charges relating to family violence will be filed against a man in Georgia after authorities responded to reports of gunfire. 

Police found a man sitting outside of his home when they arrived on the scene. The authorities noted before going inside to check the home that he appeared to have injuries to his face. Upon searching the home, the police discovered that the man's wife had been shot. Both individuals were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Possible changes to drug possession laws

To many across the nation, it may seem like more and more people are being arrested for drug-related crimes. Drug possession charges regarding small amounts of marijuana have become particularly common. There are many people who believe that the punishment for these crimes is too extreme. In fact, some counties in Georgia are considering greatly reducing these punishments.

As of now, the possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is a criminal offense. Atlanta authorities make around 1,000 marijuana possession-related arrests each year. Many of these people are given fines, and some are even sentenced to up to six months in jail. 

Police must have probable cause in a DUI stop

Depending on the facts of the circumstances surrounding a DUI arrest, the "probable cause" defense could be the most powerful tool in an accused person's arsenal. The basic premise of this defense involves the accused person's claim that the arresting officer did not have a valid reason to pull him or her over.

A police officer cannot simply pull a citizen over randomly and conduct a traffic stop just because the officer doesn't like the color of the driver's car. Police must observe a crime or behavior that is sufficiently suspicious to warrant a traffic stop.

3 arrested for drug crimes in Georgia

Georgia police recently arrested three individuals after they seized large quantities of drugs from a truck. All three defendants have each been charged with marijuana trafficking. Only two of the defendants were charged with additional drug crimes. They were also charged with cocaine trafficking and possessing illegal firearms, as well as other drug-related charges. 

During the course of a narcotics investigation, police pulled over a U-Haul truck that they suspected of delivering drugs. Inside of the truck, authorities say that they found nearly 50 pounds of hydroponic marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. It is estimated that the drugs may have been worth more than $400,000. 

Shoplifting alleged against Georgia woman

Georgia police officers recently arrested a woman who was accused of attempting to steal items from a local Sam's Club in her area. After she was arrested the woman was charged with felony shoplifting. It is also believed by some that the defendant may have also stolen items from other local stores. 

Allegedly, the defendant was seen by Sam's Club employees putting nearly $1,000 worth of items into bags near the checkout lines of the store. The manager of the store told authorities that she was confronted by an employee and was seen shouting before exiting the store. Even though she left the store without the items that she was supposedly attempting to steal, the manager followed her into the parking lot and called the police. 

Traffic violations and road rage

Georgia residents, especially those living near Atlanta, have probably had some experience with road rage. Some have only seen it expressed in others, but some may have experienced it for themselves. Unfortunately, these negative emotions can sometimes result in traffic violations.

More often than not, when a person experiences road rage it is expressed in a way that does not directly affect those nearby, except maybe to anger and frustrate other drivers. This might include making obscene gestures at others or overusing the car horn. Some might allow their anger to take them a step further and begin tailgating or cutting off other drivers. These offenses may result in authorities issuing citations for aggressive driving or could even result in criminal charges. 

Prescription drug crimes alleged against two women

Thousands of individuals across the nation take prescription drugs every day for a wide variety of reasons. Many of these drugs can be highly addictive and are therefore more carefully monitored. Two women in Georgia have recently been accused of drug crimes related to prescription drugs. They have been accused of stealing the drugs from the clinics where they work.

The first defendant has been accused of stealing a prescription from an existing patient as well as creating a second prescription. Allegedly, the defendant had these prescriptions, for oxycodone and Xanax respectively, filled at different pharmacies. After filling the prescriptions, authorities have alleged that the defendant's boyfriend, who was also arrested, picked up the drugs from the pharmacy. Both the defendant and her boyfriend are currently out of jail on bond, and the defendant has been suspended from work pending the outcome of this investigation.  

Nearly 70 arrested for marijuana possession

Georgia residents may have heard about the recent arrests made at a house party early on the morning of New Year's Eve. There were nearly 70 individuals arrested at this party with ages ranging from 15 to 31 years old. Because officers found a small amount of marijuana on the property, all of the defendants have been charged with marijuana possession. A few have also been charged with various other drug crimes.

Police were originally responding to reports of gunfire in the neighborhood. Witnesses later revealed that they believed that fireworks were the source of the sound. The authorities supposedly entered the house with a search warrant and found cannabis, two firearms and what they suspected to be cocaine. Upon finding these items the police began rounding up party goers.

3 things to remember if you've been charged with shoplifting

Taking something that doesn't belong to you from a store amounts to shoplifting. This theft offense can come with serious consequences if you're convicted of the charge; therefore, you may want to organize a strategic criminal defense if police have arrested you and charged you with a shoplifting violation.

For Georgia residents who are dealing with a shoplifting charge, there are a few important pieces of advice you should keep in mind.

Man suspected of theft allegedly triggers car chase

An alert issued by Georgia dispatchers recently resulted in a short car chase on Highway 33. Authorities caught sight of a vehicle that matched a description they had been given and gave chase. They say the car chase lasted for four miles before the vehicle was stopped and the driver arrested. The defendant is currently charged with a variety of traffic violations relating to the alleged chase, theft and a number of other charges, including felonies. 

The initial call issued by the dispatcher told authorities that a man purportedly matching the defendant's description was suspected of stealing a television from a Walmart. Authorities claim that when they attempted to stop the defendant's vehicle he quickly drove away. They also claim that he veered onto a nearby highway, and illegally passed several other vehicles in the process. 

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