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Police: Retail giant a magnet for theft

Most Georgia shoppers have probably been to a Walmart. The retail giant has locations all over the United States, and for many, it is an affordable one-stop shop. The busy stores also attract people planning to commit theft, according to local police. 

Police say that they have responded to a local Walmart thousands of times. They admit that, on many occasions, the store called for police help over items that cost only a few dollars or because a shopper was merely suspected of theft. Walmart says that they have worked to develop new theft prevention methods. 

Georgia residents face drug possession charges

Three individuals accused of trying to smuggle almost 100 pounds of marijuana have been arrested, according to local police. Georgia police responded to a call at Atlanta International Airport, and are now holding all three individuals on charges including drug possession and trafficking. So far, no court date has been announced for any of the three individuals who have been so charged. 

According to the report, it appears the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been looking into a serious drug smuggling operation they believed to be running through the airport. The recent decriminalization of marijuana in neighboring states has increased the flow of the drug into Georgia, where it is resold on the streets. The investigation led them to develop further concerns about the use of synthetic THC, which can be far more harmful to the health of the user than organically-sourced THC. 

Marijuana possession still risky for patients

Georgia voters were successful in getting the ball rolling on the state's medical marijuana program. Though many rejoiced at the passing of new, long-awaited laws that will allow patients to have ready access to the medicine, patients should not celebrate just yet. It has come to light that the process is still years in the making, and in the meantime, a patient can still be charged with marijuana possession

Several roadblocks are making it difficult for Georgia patients to have access to the medicine prescribed to ease their suffering. First and foremost, marijuana remains a schedule 1 drug on a federal level. This means that pharmacies may have trouble selling the medication, and private retail locations will have to be established. 

Expert stresses the need for trust preparation.

Georgia is a beautiful state and features both bustling urban urban cities and sprawling agricultural areas. The Peach State certainly has its share of ranchers and farmers, and other people who cherish the country life. For many of these families, worldly assets may be in the form of property or a thriving business, such as a family farm. In these circumstances, trust preparation is key. 

Recently, an expert from a noted university provided some helpful information on this topic. One point raised was that it is very important to ensure that a plan is put on paper detailing what is to be done with the assets of an estate in the event of a death. This may sound like a morbid thought, but he warns that a court does not take into account the status of a particular relationship. 

Drug paraphernalia could result in additional criminal charges

Most people who habitually use an illegal substance have rituals or habits that surround their drug use. They may have a particular smoking apparatus that they prefer to use or they might even carry their own syringes. Unfortunately, Georgia law doesn't have much leniency for those addicted to illegal substances.

Those who get caught in possession of any prohibited or controlled drug could find themselves facing crimnal charges. For many people, the criminal issues don't end with a simple drug possession charge.

Shoplifting can steal your future

Georgia residents may consider shoplifting to be a petty crime, often associated with a child sneaking a candy item in the checkout line or other scenario in which a simple lesson can be learned. Sadly, many adults make the decision to take things without paying for them, and in many cases, being caught shoplifting can turn into a serious situation for the person accused. Recently, a group of adults was accused of just this thing, and now each individual involved must face the music. 

The trouble began when several individuals, all adults, according to reports, were found to have stolen merchandise in a vehicle. Many of the clothing items still had the security tags on, which would indicate that the items had not been paid for. Police were happy to catch the group in action, because other local businesses had reported similar loss due to theft in recent weeks. 

Boosie prepares for criminal defense

Yet another member of the hip hop community has been arrested in Georgia. The state often plays host to world-famous acts, and it is certainly not unusual for big-name rappers to be passing through. Recently, an artist by the stage name Boosie was the latest in what seems to be a string of arrests involving hip hop artists in the Peach State. He must now decide the best approach for a solid criminal defense

The trouble began when police saw a vehicle they claimed was swerving in and out of traffic. They say they decided to pull the car over after a driver nearly struck another car. When the vehicle pulled over, officers found the occupants to be Boosie and a male passenger.

Wills preparation should not be put off

More than half of adults in the U.S. do not have an estate plan, and those who consider making one understandably want it to be as simple as possible. One industry that has assisted in this area is the do-it-yourself wills preparation websites. However, these generic forms do not allow for any unique circumstances the will creator, called a testator, may have, and they do not always comply with Georgia law.

Each state has its own laws when it comes to estate planning. This includes the factors required for a will to be valid. In Georgia, the testator must be at least 14 years old and have adequate mental capacity and freedom to act on his or her own behalf. Generally, this means the testator must know what it means to write a will and understand the meaning of its contents.

New law will affect marijuana possession within state

Many Georgia patients will be overjoyed to learn that, at long last, the state has passed new laws outlining the provisions for production and sale of medical marijuana. For some time, Georgia residents suffering from qualifying conditions could obtain a medical marijuana card. Shockingly, these patients remained unable to legally obtain the medicine, leaving them at risk to be charged with marijuana possession

As the clock ticked down on the recent legislative session, lawmakers finally passed the bill that outlines how medical marijuana can be produced and sold to patients across the state. While this is a huge triumph for supporters of medical marijuana, and will certainly keep patients out of trouble in the future, many have already been prosecuted for using the drug a doctor prescribed. The state aims to put the new plan into effect immediately, but it will take time to establish the infrastructure necessary to make the new system work. 

A shoplifting arrest can derail a bright future

Simply because you have been accused of shoplifting items from a store does not mean that you are necessarily guilty of the offense. In one case in another state, people of color were racially profiled and detained as suspected shoplifters at a Costco simply because the manager of the store told them that they "fit the bill."

There is no doubt that shoplifting is a major problem for retailers, as they lose countless dollars in pilfered merchandise every year. But simply because retail theft is a big problem does not mean that you are guilty of a shoplifting charge.

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