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Arraignment scheduled for man accused of theft in Georgia

Many Georgia residents choose to purchase or sell vehicles through means that are not associated in any way with official car dealerships. Some say selling or buying is a much simpler process when car dealers are not involved. Others, however, prefer the security of getting everything in writing and signed through a legitimate, licensed business. One thing is certain: if a person sells another person a car and receives payment for such, he or she should definitely make sure the buyer gains possession of the vehicle or else risk theft charges.

One man was arrested in Sept. 2017 for suspected theft. He is said to have agreed to sell a 77-year-old woman a Ferrari. As payment, he would receive a Porsche and more than $100,000 from her. The man reportedly received the cash amount from the woman through an electronic funds transfer.

Underage DUI lands friend in intensive care

Georgia parents are all too aware of how stressful it is raising teenagers. As young adults, teens are learning to become responsible members of society, but there are many bumps along the road. Teens sometimes do not understand that their actions can have serious consequences, or that one poor choice can potentially affect the rest of their life, and the lives of others. One possible concern for parents with teen drivers is the risks associated with an underage DUI

Recently, a group of teenage Georgia friends were riding in a car driven by one of the teens. One of the girls in the car reportedly leaned out the window and fell onto the road. She suffered serious injuries, including a fractured skull. Though they may have been warned about the dangers of underage drinking, and driving under the influence, it became clear that the teens did not understand the ramifications of doing so.

Shoplifting defenses: 3 common responses to a shoplifting charge

Most people view a shoplifting allegation in white and black: The defendant, and perhaps that person is you, either (1) shoplifted the items in question or (2) the defendant did not shoplift the items in question.

However, the law is never white and black. The unique facts and circumstances of a criminal case bring in multiple shades of gray, no matter what the situation. For example, let's say the defendant's family was starving and he or she needed to steal something to feed them. Although the person will be guilty, the court may have more understanding for someone in this kind of dire situation. Every case is much more complicated than simply answering the question: Did the defendant do it?

New law aims to help victims escape family violence

Georgia families probably know that violent crime has become an epidemic nationwide. Family violence can affect victims for decades to come. When a victim chooses to seek help, or someone seeks help on his or her behalf, they may worry that escaping the abuse entirely is impossible. Recently, the state has taken steps to help. 

Even after an abuser has been apprehended, victims and their families may worry that the offender may try to contact them even after they have been ordered not to by a court. When a person has become the victim of violence, they may not feel safe again until they have made major changes in their life. Things like changing phone numbers, blocking abusers on social media and moving to a new location can help victims begin a new life free from abuse. 

Hip hop artist faces prescription drug charges

Georgia has quickly become a hot spot for the hip hop music industry. No longer divided into East Coast and West Coast, the rap community has branched out to sub-genres, chief among them the phenomenon that is southern rap. Several hip hop artists from Georgia, such as T.I., 2 Chainz, and Soulja Boy have achieved world-wide fame, and Georgia is now a top destination for artists and fans alike. Unfortunately, in an attempt to curb a nationwide problem with prescription drug abuse, Georgia law enforcement sometimes file prescription drug charges even if a person has a valid prescription.

Recently, rapper Jim Jones found himself in a sticky situation while visiting friends in Georgia. He was the passenger in a vehicle carrying four people. Police claim that they observed the female driver swerve into an emergency lane. She obliged when police signaled her to pull over, but allegedly drove off as officers approached the vehicle. Police began to pursue the vehicle, and Jones states that he urged the driver to pull over, but indicates that the driver did not seem to comprehend what she needed to do; apparently, she did not stop until police maneuvered a cruiser in front of her vehicle. 

Underage DUI accident kills 1, leads to homicide charges

Most Georgia parents would likely agree that when their children reach an age where they are old enough to be allowed to get behind the wheel and venture out on their own with friends, parents hope that they will be safe and responsible. It is always frightening for parents when the phone rings, informing them that their teen has been involved in an accident, and things can go from bad to worse when the accident turns out to be an underage DUI that has resulted in fatality. Parents are immediately faced with a grim reality, especially if their child is the one who stands accused of committing a crime that has resulted in the injury or death of another person. 

On a recent Thursday evening in June, an 18-year-old driver transporting three passengers allegedly crashed into a brick mailbox. One of the teen passengers was killed as a result. When Georgia police arrived, they supposedly determined that the young driver was impaired by drugs and in possession of marijuana, though they have not yet released the circumstances that led them to file these charges. The driver stands accused of several crimes, including DUI,  possession of marijuana contributing to the deprivation of a minor, failure to maintain a lane, a driving too fast for conditions, reckless driving and a seat belt violation. 

Police officer stands accused of drug crimes

Georgia residents would likely agree that when it comes to criminal accusations, police officers are usually not the people on the receiving end. Law enforcement across the county is ramping up efforts to combat drug crimes. Usually, it is the police who first investigate potential drug activity, but in a strange set of circumstances, one officer finds herself accused of serious drug charges.

According to reports, police acquired a warrant to search a residence where they claimed to have evidence of drug activity. Allegedly, when they entered the apartment, they found a stash of marijuana and prescription pills. Three people inside were arrested as a result, and one of them happened to be a Georgia police officer. 

Should I refuse to take a field sobriety test?

Imagine you went out for a business meeting, trying to secure a lucrative deal. Your prospective client, however, is a drinker and you succumb to his promptings to drink with him. The strategy worked, you inked the deal of your life, but then you had to get home and that's where everything went wrong.

You make the bad choice to risk drinking and driving. A few blocks down the road, you hear the police siren and see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror. As the police officer approaches, your inebriated mind is running through all the possible scenarios. Should you take your chances and blow in the Breathalyzer? Should you submit to a field sobriety test?

Woman arrested for theft now faces felony drug charges

Most Georgia residents would probably agree that the Peach State is one of the gems of the nation. Buried deep in the south, Georgia boasts both natural beauty and glimmering urban cities, and a unique culture that has successfully meshed tradition with a fresh modern vibe. While many who call the state home likely consider it a fun and safe place to live, Georgia is not immune from the sorts of crime that plague the rest of the nation, including theft and shoplifting. 

Law enforcement agencies across the nation have recently begun to focus their attention on an ever-growing epidemic of drug abuse. In recent years, the number of Americans suffering from serious addictions and worse yet, overdose deaths, continues to climb. This has caused a near panic among police, who sometimes seem to use any crime as a way to investigate possible drug crimes. 

Man accused of domestic violence held without bond.

Most Georgia residents are aware that when it comes to crime, authorities are particularly quick to act when there is an accusation of violence. Domestic violence accusations can leave an alleged offender facing some serious penalties if found guilty. Domestic violence means an act of aggression has been committed by one person against another member of a household. 

Recently, a Georgia man accompanied his girlfriend to a veterinary clinic to seek assistance for the woman's dog. According to reports, the woman slipped a note to an employee of the clinic, allegedly stating that the man was armed, and that she had been a victim of domestic violence. The woman wanted someone to help her, and asked that the staff not let the man know she had accused him. 

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