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Georgia man charged with shoplifting

An individual's mannerisms and appearance often determine how he or she is perceived. Georgia residents are often judged based upon what they are wearing, the bag they are carrying, the car they are driving and numerous other visual cues. At times, these judgments can be to the individual's advantage; other times, they can have a detrimental impact and even lead to suspicions regarding shoplifting and/or other illegal activity.

Recently, one Georgia man was arrested and charged with shoplifting in addition to several other crimes. Store employees indicate that the man was walking through the department store placing items in his backpack. The man was arrested and later allegedly connected to several other crimes, including possession of narcotics, burglary and theft.

2 men facing felony charges surrounding alleged property theft

Eyewitness accounts of a crime are not always as reliable as one would think. It can be easy for a person to believe he or she saw something occur in the middle of the night, but then not be quite as sure hours later. Regardless of the accuracy of these accounts, serious consequences can potentially arise for any accused person. This is the case for two 20-year-old Georgia men who are facing criminal charges surrounding allegations of multiple car entries and theft crimes.

A witness reportedly saw two men attempting to break into his son's vehicle in the middle of the night. He contacted the authorities, and police arrived within minutes. They were able to detain one man at the scene, but the other man got away. The witness identified the man through a mugshot, although he reported to police the man had been wearing a beanie and sweatshirt.

Defending yourself against assault charges

These days, it is risky business to get involved in a physical fight, even if the cause seems just in the moment. In many cases, instances of physical violence lead to criminal charges, even those that may feel justified. Of course, there are some very strong defenses to assault allegations, if you know how and when to use them.

Facing assault charges is a serious matter, and requires a strong legal response in any instance. Should you face criminal assault charges, do not wait to build a strong legal defense to protect your rights. Even if you suspect that the evidence against you is very strong, it is wise to fight charges using the strength of the law with a well-built legal defense.

Police arrest 2 people for alleged drug crimes

In Georgia, facing drug charges can be a difficult and scary experience for anyone involved. Nearly all types of drug crimes can have life-altering consequences if the person charged is found guilty. However, simply being charged with drug-related offenses is not a conviction in a court of law. The accused are always presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

In a recent incident in Adairsville, police stopped a vehicle with a cracked windshield after receiving reports that a car of a similar description had stopped in the parking lots of two local businesses. Around 2 a.m., officers requested to search the vehicle, but the front-seat passenger allegedly refused to consent. Reportedly, the officers called for a K-9 unit to perform a drug inspection, during which investigators reported finding illegal substances.

Minor receives citation for alcohol consumption

Following high school, students can decide to further their education by entering college. In Georgia, college can provide students with liberties and freedoms associated with living independently that they were not previously exposed to. Young adults could be tempted with the commonality and presence of alcohol, especially when friends and fellow students are partaking in alcohol consumption. Until the students are 21 years old, drinking alcohol is illegal, and a citation for underage drinking can be issued by law enforcement.

This was the situation a 19-year-old college man was in when he was caught by police allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The incident reportedly began when the man reportedly tried to enter a stranger's vehicle. Supposedly, the man was spotted by police as he was staggering across the street. When the student was asked where his destination was, he named a specific dormitory at the local college.

Man charged with drug crimes following traffic stop

Around the country, marijuana is becoming less taboo for people to possess and use. However, Georgia citizens can still be charged with drug crimes depending on the amount of marijuana and the claimed intentions for using the drug. An individual could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and suddenly face criminal allegations due to simply being a passenger in a vehicle or borrowing a car. Marijuana may even be found in a driver's vehicle after being stopped for a minor traffic violation that is not related to drugs at all.

A man is currently in that exact situation as he faces felony charges related to marijuana after police made a routine traffic stop. Around 9:30 p.m., the police allegedly stopped the man for a broken tag light. As the stop was being conducted, allegations to much more serious charges were lodged against the man, and he was arrested.

Alleged shoplifting leads man to felony charges

Whether one was experiencing financial difficulties that individual to take drastic measures to make ends meet, or if someone was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and suddenly now faces false accusations, facing any form of criminal charges is a serious matter. While many in Georgia may view shoplifting as a minor criminal act, a conviction for shoplifting charges has the potential to result in life-altering consequences. In many cases, shoplifting is not the only charge a person could potentially face, especially if property damage allegedly occurred.

This is the case for a man who supposedly shoplifted from Walmart after store hours. In order to get into the store, the man reportedly decided to cut the curtain in the gardening department. Before stealing any items, the alleged act of getting in that Walmart caused $4,564.79 in damages.

The 6 chemical classifications of illegal drugs

Everyone is familiar with the different schedules of drugs that categorize illegal substances according to their increasing severity of punishments under the law. However, there's another way to classify drugs chemically, based on the effects they have on the human body.

What follows is a brief review of the six classifications of illegal drugs based on their chemical properties and how they affect the people who use them. If you're currently suffering from a problem, you may want to understand these different classifications, as such an understanding could help you eventually kick the habit:

Man stopped for aggressive driving, faces felony charges

Every day, drivers are faced with situations that cause emotions to run high. Road rage and aggressive driving accusations are somewhat common in Georgia, and as such, the aftermath of any such incidents can be a trying time for those accused of such actions. When a driver is perceived to be violating traffic laws for whatever reason, severe action can be taken by law enforcement.

A man is facing charges for serious criminal offenses based upon his alleged actions. Reportedly, the man rear-ended a truck at a high speed and then carjacked it. During the altercation, the truck driver claimed that he tried to defend himself with a gun, and when it misfired, the man allegedly assaulted the trucker in order to steal the vehicle.

College man arrested, accused of assault and battery

 In almost all relationships between Georgia couples, arguments and disagreements can be expected. During these disputes, emotions can run high for all parties involved. In the heat of the moment, things happen that are unpredicted and, often, regrettable. Assault and battery charges are unfortunate, but common.

A young college man was apparently having a disagreement with his ex-girlfriend, whom he used to reside with, over a telephone. Allegedly, the man went to his ex-girlfriend's dorm room when the incident broke out. He supposedly took her phone from her. While the ex-girlfriend attempted to get her phone back from him, he is accused of grabbing her by her neck and pushing her into objects, which caused bruising.

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