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Proper Estate Planning: It’s A No-Brainer For All Georgians

People feel a sense of tranquility, or calmness, when they pass on knowing their final wishes will be carried out, and their property will be distributed according to a properly executed estate plan.

Unfortunately, many individuals do not fully understand what the benefits a will, trust or other estate planning tool might provide for them. As a result, too many people leave this world without an estate plan in place.

Estate Planning: What If I Don’t Do It?

Estate planning can benefit millionaires, the middle class, as well as those of humble means. The most basic estate planning tool is a will, which documents how a person wants his or her property distributed once he or she dies.

However, wills are often subject to an estate tax and must go through probate – the process of ensuring a will’s validity. If a person’s will is found to be invalid – or if he or she did not draft one at all – a person in Georgia is said to have died intestate. This means that the state distributes a person’s property according to state guidelines rather than the deceased’s wishes.

Other Benefits Of Estate Planning

Apart from preventing the state of Georgia from controlling a person’s property, advanced preparation with an experienced estate planning attorney can:

  • Allow individuals to leave funds to their favorite charities or organizations
  • Name a trustworthy and responsible executor to administer their estate, as well as name trustees for any trusts they may create
  • Help people avoid certain taxes, thus having more to leave to their family
  • Ensure inheritance passes only by blood, not by marriage (protects property from future family divorces)
  • Prescribe a person’s wishes for long-term or other medical care, such as a “do not resuscitate” stipulation for certain catastrophic medical conditions

There are numerous more advantages people can realize, in addition to the ones listed above, if they execute a detailed estate plan.

Anyone who wishes to protect his or her property or assets in the future and has questions about estate planning should contact a qualified attorney to discuss his or her best options.

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