Understanding Trade Secrets And Restrictive Covenants

Structural changes in the national and local economies over the last 20 years have significantly altered the way businesses value and prioritize their assets. Now more than ever, the value of an enterprise depends on the security of its proprietary processes, customer lists, intellectual property or continuing relationships with key management, sales or professional employees.

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Most companies depend on contracts such as noncompete agreements and confidentiality/nondisclosure covenants to protect their most valuable information. Known collectively as restrictive covenants, these agreements are common features of written employment contracts, consulting arrangements and independent contractor or vendor relationships. Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements executed in the early stages of a business purchase and sale transaction are also essential to protecting both parties, especially if the deal doesn't go through, as they are at the time that an employee severs ties with an employer armed with knowledge of a company's customers, employees, processes and trade secrets.

At Teiger Law Center, P.C., we can provide context, advice and representation, whether you're an employer, the seller of a business, a departing investor, a professional employee or anyone else who needs protection and certainty with respect to confidential information, competing employment opportunities, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure restrictions.

Our attorneys can review your current noncompete forms, negotiate noncompete terms with new executives or sales personnel, and advise you about your options if you feel that your rights under a current noncompete agreement are threatened or have been violated.

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Attorney Tracy Teiger can also advise a company about its ability to control the use of proprietary information in the hands of third parties, ranging from former employees to consultants or prospective investors. He can present your case in court if necessary to prevent or stop the misappropriation or misuse of trade secrets.

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