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The Teiger Law Center advises both buyers and sellers of businesses and business assets throughout north Georgia, especially the northern portion of the Atlanta metropolitan area. If you are looking to sell your business, we can walk you through the steps necessary to bring your sale to closing and full performance.

The first question to resolve is just what it is you are selling. Are you selling the entire enterprise as a going concern? Are you selling a controlling interest in the stock? Will the transaction be structured instead as an asset sale?

The right answer to these questions will depend on the details of your situation, your opportunity and your objectives. Atlanta business sale attorney Tracy Teiger's nearly 30 years of experience can help ensure that your decision reflects sound advice and careful consideration of the variables.

Regardless of the specific structure of your deal, the seller's core interests will typically include proper assurance of the buyer's financial capacity to pay full value, and the corresponding duty to provide full and fair disclosure of known risks and liabilities that the purchaser will assume, as well as close attention to the contractual details of all interim and final commitments, including trade secrets and nondisclosure. Many sellers will also be interested in a continuing relationship with the transferred company as an executive or consultant. Our law firm can make sure that all of these considerations are fully addressed.

Work With A Local Business Acquisition Attorney

On the buyer's side, we help prospective purchasers protect the value of their acquisitions through outstanding contract negotiation and documentation skills, thorough due diligence and sound advice on financing issues. We do everything we can to make sure that your final business purchase agreement reflects fair value, sensible payment terms and an accurate presentation of each side's commitments.

We take a practical, farsighted and solution-oriented approach to business sales transactions on behalf of both buyers and sellers. When we spot a problem, we are quick to suggest ways to overcome it. If the problems develop into disputes, Tracy Teiger's experience as a civil trial lawyer can give you valuable litigation backup as necessary to protect your interests.

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